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Farm Girl

I self identify as the farm girl of my friend groups because I tend to be the most rural in the group who actually has anything to do with farming. 403 more words


Keep Calm and Farm Girl On

When it rains it storms and when it storms, tempers fly. While farm life can be romanticized, it is nothing short of hard work and more so when were hard headed. 414 more words

I am From...

Thoughtful Thursday

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday post is a free verse poem written by my favorite twelve year old…

I am From…

I’m from hard work, 187 more words


Round 2 Recipe

ROUND TWO! If it wasn’t apparent from the pictures the zucchini I had was huge, ginormous, astronomical. I literally have so many zucchini noodles they may become a staple in my life. 390 more words

On the Rotar Homestead

Home home on the Range? Last weekend I attended a wonderful wedding, went water rafting, skinny dipping, and finally got to visit The Rotar Homestead which was the perfect ending to the weekend. 424 more words