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Teen Angel and Farm Chores


Teen Angel

Can you hear me?

Teen Angel

Can you see me?

Are you somewhere up above

And am I still your own true love? 525 more words

My Life

I'm a Farmer and I'm Voting Yes on Amendment 1 Part 2

Follow the Butterflies.  Um, no, that’s not it.  Follow the… paper trail?  I’ve got it!  Follow the money!  If you really want to know what’s going on, follow the money. 559 more words


I'm a Farmer and I'm voting Yes on Amendment 1

I stand to benefit from Missouri’s constitutional amendment 1.  I know that.  What you might not know is that you will benefit too.

I just finished reading dozens of articles saying that we don’t need excess legislation, farmers are fine, agriculture shouldn’t be afforded special rights, and by the way, if you farm with your brother or father and have an LLC you’re probably a bad guy anyway. 731 more words



I am a proud farm girl and feel blessed to live such a lifestyle, but let’s be honest: the farm girl life ain’t always easy; we have our problems.  483 more words

Farm Life

It's a Close-the-Gate Kind of Day

Life at the farm keeps Cowboy and me on our toes.  It seems between farm life and the critters, we are busy bees.  There is always food (dog, cat, and horse, oh my) to be bought, stalls to be scooped, and fences to be mended.   383 more words

Farmtastic Stories

Consider a Job in Agriculture

The job market in America is, for many, grim. They’ve put in years at companies that were deemed to be safe. Perhaps they work in job areas that haven’t been previously affected with job hits. 371 more words

Farm Life

God's Timing is always Perfect

This is the view as you turn right out of my driveway and the sunset ‘s are beautiful. We have been so blessed to live in such beautiful country. 766 more words

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