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Have a Grape Day

We grow grapes here on the farm, but they are not for sale, nor listed in our perennial plant catalog.  And we don’t use the harvest to make wine, jelly, juice, or jam.   441 more words

Anita And Tony Avent

Other Boom: we're lucky the little man's still alive.

We’re lucky he lived to tell the tale, but not trying. Always said I

spend my whole life with Shannon trying to keep him from kill his fool self, and let me tell you it was a full time job. 434 more words

Goodbye Leyshons!

This week, the Leyshons moved back home to Memphis, TN to start a farmstead of their own.  We got to have them here for several months longer than we had originally planned, but it turns out it wasn’t long enough!   139 more words

Farm Living

You've Got Mail...

This delivery, photographed above, caught my eye.  We receive many interesting communications and some are quite colorful, on many levels.  I thought I’d share this one since it appeared rather creative.   320 more words

Anita And Tony Avent

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are a staple in our house.  My kids will steam them in the microwave from the blanched frozen bags from our garden.  They love them with a little butter and salt.  186 more words


Living in a rural part of India means living with snakes. (Growing up in Maine, my friends and I were able romp around anywhere without worrying about DYING. 148 more words


She's Come Undone

The backhoe gave it up, and not in a way that feels good, if you know what I mean.  And this was the second time in as many weeks that she malfunctioned. 197 more words

Anita And Tony Avent