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Photo Of The Day: Dawn in Twilight Field

If this looks incredibly muggy and humid to you it was.  I had an Aunt in Virginia who said days like this were “close” and you know, it’s true.  141 more words

Farm Picture Friday #49 - Picking Up

I can not take credit for this weeks Farm Picture Friday.  I was actually on the trailer stacking hay and did not have the camera.  Kendall, our 8-year-old was in the cab of the truck snapping away.   143 more words

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Photo Of The Day: Fall Preview

It was actually chilly in the fields this morning.  The haze was gone.  The heat took a vacation.  It was a welcome preview of October.  It won’t last.  74 more words

Photo Of The Day: Cotton Flowers

The unmistakable buzz of Crop Dusters was back this weekend, a sure sign the season’s early cotton is maturing.   The planes loaded with defoliant swoop, down strafing the fields with the chemicals to defoliate the plants leaving only the stalk and the boll of cotton.  132 more words

Photo Of The Day: Cottonfield Sunrise

Back on the farm for this one.  The mornings have gotten a bit cooler and a few clouds have started floating in at dawn generating some nice hues.  64 more words

Tiny Surprise

Cats and kittens are always welcome on the farmy. We do not have a rodent problem and this is why.

Every year we welcome a few newcomers. 222 more words