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Photo Of The Day: Premonition

Dawn breaks in Twilight Field,  so named because the dawn looks like a sunset looks like Sunsets.  The colors and the clouds offer hints that perhaps Autumn is not that far away.  9 more words

Fryburg Farm Lifestyle Family Session: Clarion Family Photographer: Dearth Family

Family Photo’s are a wonderful thing to have, but instead of the typical shots in the studio where everybody is looking at the camera, wouldn’t you rather have photographs of your family doing the things that you do everyday, where you live, making memories that you are truly going to remember? 131 more words


Revving up

My last helper has arrived, she came after dark last night.  Her name is Jessica. It was quite funny really as it was the first time in ages that I have had to turn the lights on in the kitchen and dining area.   351 more words


Photo Of The Day: Dawn in Twilight Field

If this looks incredibly muggy and humid to you it was.  I had an Aunt in Virginia who said days like this were “close” and you know, it’s true.  126 more words

Farm Picture Friday #49 - Picking Up

I can not take credit for this weeks Farm Picture Friday.  I was actually on the trailer stacking hay and did not have the camera.  Kendall, our 8-year-old was in the cab of the truck snapping away.   113 more words

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Photo Of The Day: Fall Preview

It was actually chilly in the fields this morning.  The haze was gone.  The heat took a vacation.  It was a welcome preview of October.  It won’t last.  74 more words