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Judd Gregg: There Are No Magic Republican Bullets

Wall Street Journal: Budget ‘reconciliation’ can be a powerful GOP tool, but it carries major political risks if the party overreaches.

There is considerable talk by pundits and members of Congress that the best weapon Republicans have to accomplish their agenda is something called “reconciliation.” This is one of those Beltway terms that causes normal Americans to bang their heads against the wall and ask “are these Washington types for real?” Yet reconciliation is a tool of considerable legislative force if used well. 516 more words


The Effect of U.S. Agricultural Subsidies on Equality

Perhaps the most fundamental question about U.S. agricultural subsidies is how have they affected the structure of U.S. agriculture. Recently the question has become more germane as food policy has become intertwined with public health policy (obesity), with energy policy (biofuels), and with third-world economic development and population growth (food demand and sustainability). 374 more words