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Five Reasons Why This NON GMO Farmer Is Opposed To Mandatory Labeling Of GMO Products

Some mornings, my Facebook timeline is virtually over run with updates and promotion of the campaign for mandatory labeling of GMOs. The proponents of labeling are passionate and articulate. 1,160 more words

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Dagny Taggart - You’ve Been Cropped: The Case to Abolish Farm Subsidies

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Farm subsidies were originally created to provide assistance to family farmers. They were supposed to be taxpayer-friendly ways of supporting small farms, keeping the agriculture industry successful and helping all citizens to be able to afford basic staples. 2,372 more words

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In the NYT’s Op-Ed, Rethinking the Word ‘Foodie’, Mark Bittman admits to cringing upon hearing a woman introduce herself as a “FOODIE.”  He considers the term too demeaning to be associated with “SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT GOOD FOOD.” 434 more words

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