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With the support of Nebraska Reps. Lee Terry, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith, the House passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s 2015 budget on Thursday, which calls for deep cuts in federal spending — $5.1 trillion over 10 years — and the privatization of Medicare. 237 more words

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Report: Some Non-Profits Gaming Farm Subsidy System

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The following information was first published by Breitbart and reported by some of the mainscream media.

Some nonprofit organizations whose stated purposes have nothing to do with farming have… 628 more words

vegan mythbusting: ethics

Welcome to a new, soon-to-be-regular blog feature: vegan mythbusting!

People ask me all kinds of stuff about vegan life. People probably also assume all kinds of things about it (like that I went vegan because my reaction to seeing a piglet was similar to the drawing below. 4,505 more words

Explain It Again: Why Do We Need Subsidies?

As I started researching this topic I figured there are just a few subsidies in large amounts to look at. As it turns out there over 1,500 different subsidies buried within our federal bills. 385 more words

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