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Jigsaw Learning - the 3 Moooodules!


We thought that a good place to start would be by looking at each of the 3 modules we’d seen on the Discover Dairy website because although we could guess what they might be about, its going to be hard to choose which one to focus on for Hazel’s design without knowing for sure. 249 more words

'Old School' Milk

Last week we decided that our design for Hazel would focus on ‘Farm to Plate’ and that we would like to show what we’ve learnt about dairy farming in the past and how it is different to modern dairy farming and production processes. 86 more words

Designing Hazel - Take 2

Since doing our first designs, we have learnt so much about dairy farming by looking at the 3 modules UNBEATABLE BONES, FUEL FOR LIFE and FARM TO PLATE.  282 more words

Discovering the 'Discover Dairy' website

We started exploring the Discover Dairy website and took a look at the 3 modules. We’re going to have to decide soon which one we’re going to focus on for our design for Hazel.


Painting is so much fun!!

We have been painting in small groups, adding bits and pieces to Hazel all throughout the day and she is looking AMAZING!  161 more words

The Slow Food movement: Farmers Markets

On a crisp, foggy Saturday morning in May, the sun is rising to the bustling mumbles of farm talk. As the frost clears and a wide blue sky surfaces, the smells of baked bread, sweet fruits by the bucketload and the sounds of the sizzling barbecues grow. 518 more words

Food And Coffee