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Toot, toot

Forgive this egregious violation of proper etiquette. In my book at least, one should never, ever, under any possible permutation of twisted circumstance, toot his or her own… 96 more words


Planning your travels: Where do I begin?

Thinking of moving to Australia? Or anywhere else for that matter?

Last week I wrote an article that proved to hit a nerve with a lot of people. 832 more words


When Life Takes an Odd but Interesting Turn

I haven’t posted since early 2013 and wow, how my life has completely changed. Before you start to wonder if something horrible happened (it didn’t) I’ll share that I changed careers–REALLY CHANGED careers. 591 more words


417 Visa: My Farm Work Story

I arrived in Ozland on Valentines day 2013 and 2 weeks later I went off to do my regional/farm work in order to get a second year visa. 848 more words


good food news

This morning the farm looked especially inviting, like a photographed far off place meant to attract the soul seeking solace. A diffused, soft light…to read more click here Vol.7 #13(07-08-14)


Independence Day

Today the USA will celebrate with cookouts and fireworks. Today would be my Mom’s 90th birthday, though she died 27 years ago. She celebrated on that date and always said that was her birth date, but she wasn’t really sure. 282 more words


Farm Work

I’ve been working for as long as I can remember. I grew up on a farm, and when I was about six or seven, I started filling flats. 1,780 more words