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The title of today’s contribution reminds me of a post of more than two years ago and entitled Snood \ˈsnüd\. A snood is what we call the prominent, fleshy, appendage which dangles from between and just below the eyes of a Tom turkey. 105 more words


Primum non nocere

If you read last Thursday’s post you may be interested to know that the ewes that left the farm have settled in nicely at their new digs. 728 more words

Farm Work

Pitchforking hay

Oh the joys of July.

When you’re pitchforking hay.

You do it on a real sunny day.

You’re gonna walk and swing and sway.

When you’re pitchforking hay. 314 more words

Peopley Story

Building a New Barn

Here is our current barn, built about 40 years ago.  The lower area that shows light green concrete blocks used to be a cow barn.  The old barn is on its last legs.   434 more words

Farm Life

Finding regional work

I had aleady done 36 days of farm work in Bowen. But I needed 88 – or 3 months at one farm to get my second year working holiday. 731 more words

A story of authenticity, in a nut shell

I think that what most kids know about where chicken comes from is that somehow it appears in the store wrapped in plastic. I wonder what kids know about where Chestnuts come from. 796 more words


Regional work: life as a farm girl in Bowen

Thinking about doing your regional work but not sure if it’s for you? So was I but it was an experience I’ll never forget…or regret! 2,515 more words