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Packing grapes - Week 15

So this week I started and quit packing grapes. I feel bad writing that sentence, as I like to think I can usually suck it up and persevere. 1,482 more words


2014 Highlights

Wow! It’s been just about a year since we have posted anything on here. Not to make excuses, but 2014 was a whirlwind of a year. 424 more words


Mildura - Week 14

So I am officially in Mildura, ready to get started on my 88 days farm work so I can stay in this lovely country. So far it has not gone to plan though. 650 more words



Well, it appears that my last post on this blog was over a year ago. Anyone who follows our progress solely from this blog might reasonably have assumed that never made it out of China – sucked into the dark world of organised crime, huge debts owed to ruthless gang lords, forced into semi-slave labour to pay off our debts, making iphones, mattel toys and cheap consumer crap for the unrelenting western consumer machine. 498 more words


I do it for the visa

So we are nearly half way through our farm work! I’ve had a few days vine covering again and then on another farm called Big Farm picking sultanas which was horrible. 613 more words


A Job in Bundaberg

Since leaving the dairy in August I’d been having fun and not thinking ahead too much. But all of a sudden I realised time was running out, and if I wanted to earn some more money before leaving Australia in March, I’d better get a job. 1,084 more words


Picker number 63 - Tasmania

Day 480

The 8am Shuttle was an early start back to Hobart which was putting on a good show with the warm weather. The taste of Tasmania festival was in town and as it opened its door at 11am, Lucy and I were among the masses who flooded in for good food. 930 more words