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Dear World, Please Give Me a Break

The month of August has proven to be “not our month”.  Here lately we have been snake bitten again and again, week after week.  It comes to a point when you start to wonder when things are going to get back to normal…. 493 more words


It's A Pig's Life

I’ve been thinking lately that the pigs are really the best animals we’ve got here.  They’re easy, they’re entertaining, they’re friendly, they’re pretty well self-contained, and they eat just about anything. 391 more words


Till The Cows Come Home

Today I took a break from packing — Oh. Crap. I think I forgot to mention we are moving again.

So, yes, we are moving. Again.

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Childhood Toys | 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 7

What was your favourite childhood toy?

I had to ask my parents what my favourite childhood toy was, and apparently it was our toy farm. Until not long ago we had a plastic farm house and when you opened it up there were lots of toy animals in their pens. 98 more words



I believe the term originated in the days of yesteryear. A long time ago, a farmer looked over his fence to gaze at the neighbor’s garden. 158 more words


Raising food is hard work

My legs are dotted with black-and-blue bruises. My right elbow is criss-crossed by red scratches. I’ve got a small rash on my wrist that I keep itching, and there’s a swollen mosquito bite on my bicep – which, by the way, is so sore that it hurts to reach for the mouse next to my keyboard as I’m typing this. 469 more words