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Superpopulação de capivaras causa transtornos para agricultores do ES | notícias em Agronegócios no ES

Overpopulation of Capybaras Causes Inconvenience to the Farmers of Espírito Santo, Brazil

With the jaguar and caiman becoming less populous, capybaras are breeding like . . 157 more words

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Have you hugged your farmer today?

Well I didn’t hug him, that would have been awk-ward.  But I did shake his hand. Why do you care? Why do I care? Well, because I am trying to make healthier, whole food choices for my family. 191 more words


We’ve got a gift hubby said. We don ‘t get post on a Sunday nor any other kind of package or parcel deliveries.  They arrive only on weekdays. 70 more words


Farmers Market 101


What Does $13 at the Farmers Market Get You?

A whole lot, actually.

As the summer rapidly comes to a close, there’s a ton of reasons to shed a tear. 391 more words


Oregon farm

One night on our way down to San Francisco we stayed with some relatives who live out on a farm in Oregon. Here’s a quick load of pictures from my stay, I’ll do a proper story from my trip later.



Though I have traveled this stretch of highway several hundred times, only twice have I seen the rare and elusive coastal emu. More squat than his inland cousins with brown feathers, he sailed regally through the green sea of knee-high sugar cane. 201 more words

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