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I Believe In Farmer's Markets

I believe in farmer’s markets, and knowing where your food comes from. I believe in talking to the person who made the food, who grew the food that you’re buying. 331 more words

Secret trade deals

The campaigning group GMO Inside isn’t only about genetically modified (GM, genetically engineered) food. It’s also about the secret trade deals which, says Shireen at GMO Inside, threaten the food on our plates. 82 more words



So by now, the chicks in the brooder box in the garage were completely over being in a brooder box in the garage.  Whenever I stopped by the brooder box to say hello or to give them food or change their water, inquisitive little beaks were poking through the hardware cloth cover we’d made.  1,736 more words


And Yet More Poo

And for my next bit of entertainment, I thought a double trailer load of goat poo could be fun! Yep, that lot should keep me (or the rather the veggies) going for another couple of years. 104 more words


4th Generation Farmer Makes Rational Argument Against Wind Turbines

Randy Williams — Rock River Times — April 22, 2014

This letter is intended to share some of the thoughts of a fourth-generation Boone County farmer in regards to the intention of the County to allow, and some neighbors to promote, wind turbines to be built in Northern Boone County.

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Wind Turbines

There was a poor man one time- Jack Murphy his name was; and rent day came, and he hadn’t enough to pay his rent.

Irish Folktales, Pantheon Books, The Farmer’s Answers, p.84

Seeds in the ground: an act of faith

By Dan Grubbs

Putting seed in the ground is an act of faith, or an act of hope, if you prefer. For us, it’s a sure sign that the season has changed and I’m optimistic about the last frost. 386 more words