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Rough winter ahead? Not so fast

Despite the fact that we did, in fact, have a cooler-than-average summer, there is no “record-shattering snowfall” in store for this winter, as reported by satire news site Empire News… 583 more words


Neoscona Crucifera Rides Again

I don’t want Fall to come.  It’s too soon.  I have too much yet to do!  But a harbinger of Fall showed up in my window, Neoscona Crucifera.   329 more words

Will Obama’s War on Coal Cause Blackouts Next Winter

This is from Deneen Borelli.

The Qusling coal miners that supported Obama have stabbed their fellow miners and fellow Americans in their backs.

The miners will join the ranks of the unemployed as result of their  support of Obama. 445 more words

Signs of Winter

Stop Snow

Seasonal Adjustments

by Charles McKelvy

(Bridgman, Michigan) Labor Day beckons, and the boys and girls of summer are reading schoolbooks not trashy novels. 422 more words


Scientists: Almanac's 'Brutal Winter' Prediction Is Most Likely Wrong

Could the Farmer’s Almanac be wrong? At least one expert meteorologist thinks so.

The Almanac, which has just been published, predicts another long, cold winter for much of the United States. 218 more words


The 2015 Winter Outlook has been released

It’s only Tuesday, but things have really been kicking off within the snowboarding community recently. Let’s start with what is, probably, considered one of the most hype-worthy things a snowboarder can lay their eyes on. 203 more words