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Canopy Of Cold Descends

Buffalo in state of emergency over snowstorm

Bicentennial quasi-periodic TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) variations define a corresponding cyclic mechanism of climatic changes from global warmings to Little Ice Ages and set the timescales of practically all physical processes taking place in the Sun-Earth system. 584 more words

First Frost

After an unseasonably warm start to the fall, I saw frost yesterday for the first time in months. It wasn’t the first freeze officially; I believe that happened on Thursday when the predicted 4 to 6 inches of snow turned out to be thin sheet of icy rain. 124 more words

What I Learned From Stalking On LinkedIn

It’s 3 o’clock on a Sunday and my throat hurts. I swallow once and everything is fine. Last night I was at FedEx Field watching Notre Dame scrape by with a win against Navy, and though it was a frustrating, curse-worthy game, I didn’t do much yelling. 918 more words

Early Snow -- Tricked or Treated in Asheville?

Depending on your perspective, Asheville either got tricked or treated this Halloween when a very early winter storm dropped snow across the area, including record amounts in some higher elevations. 278 more words


A Guide to Baking Apples

Another one of my favorite fall ingredients is apple. I make an apple pie almost every year for Thanksgiving. My mom also has a recipe for killer apple crisp. 231 more words


Woolly Worms, Persimmons and Fog - Oh My!

As the weather has started to take a turn to the chilly side, memories of last winter have started echoing on the cool hearth of my brain. 908 more words


Day 90: It's getting colder...brrrrrrr

Fall is here and after some beautiful weather, it is now getting colder. There isn’t anything we can do about it. If you live in a place with dramatic seasonal changes, well, you live in a place with dramatic seasonal changes. 246 more words