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Looking for Poison Ivy in an Open Air Market

Halloween is only a day away, yet my DIYed Poison Ivy costume is not ready! To be honest I kind of want to tear my hair out for procrastinating so much, I mean it’s almost ready… No! 296 more words


Opinion: An Organic Lifestyle

I visited Kristi’s farm on a perfect late September day.  Not a single cloud marked the vast, Maya blue sky.  It was cold enough to feel like fall but warm enough to want to spend the entire day outdoors, taking in the heat that gently radiated off the sun. 799 more words


Buckets of Flowers

The buckets were merely simple buckets. The plain-white-plastic kind of buckets. There’s no significant whatsoever that made theses buckets spectacular. If they stood by themselves, they were just buckets at the farmer’s market. 53 more words


Dramatically Lit Eggplant Exposes All & Leaves Nothing To the Imagination...

 If it isn’t totally obvious, I don’t shoot food. I usually stick to portraiture and documentary work, but when I saw how gorgeous the produce was at the last Farmers Market of the season, I found myself being inspired (for the first time in a long time). 27 more words

164/365 Pike Place

It was a nice walk to Pike Place today at lunch time.



A Day in Coos Bay

Farmers Market this morning in Coos Bay. This is the last one for the year here. It had rained overnight but had stopped by the time we were ready to go out. 329 more words

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