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The Find

After 4, long arduous months of negotiating, rants, stressing, bad sceptics, and just plain hassle. The blue farm-house on 54 Durham was finally ours!

The proof shown in our cramped fingers, ink-stained palms, and a mountain high stack of signing your life away. 498 more words


Spooky side up!

All of us were very happy that day. Monday was off so we got an extended weekend. Doggy suggested we should get away for a weekend. 2,828 more words


Memphis House

Abandoned farmhouse near Memphis, Texas…


Grandfather elm & oak farmhouse chair

A traditional welsh Elm & Oak grandfather chair


With the traditional high back and standing on turned legs the chair captures a farmhouse tradition of sitting by the fire on cold winters morning… 36 more words


Turning 40 "Down Under"

The path that has led us to be here in Australia this year has been a winding one… but has led to the most incredible experience of our family’s life! 1,441 more words

Spanish Stone Farmhouse Gets A Contemporary New Heart by Catalog Wishes

The best kind of house is one that each fits in with its surroundings and displays the personalities and tastes of the occupants. This full overhaul of a Spanish farmhouse’s interior is a excellent instance of this delicate stability from Barcelona-based architects 2600mm. 20 more words