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Are we going to have another Dust Bowl?

Question: As severe drought continues in places like the Texas Panhandle, western Kansas, and California, is the United States in danger of another Dust Bowl? 246 more words


RIP Lila

Lila lived a long and good life. Born in 2000, she raised two litters of kittens in Cornwall with her husband Henry before traveling to Hong Kong and residing there for several years.   83 more words


That's Not What I Ordered

In many countries there are consumer protection and warranty laws that regulate the consumer’s rights to return something they purchased. Rights may last a few days (returns without needing a reason) a year or more (in case of defect). 482 more words


Fruit : Apples

For most folk, the sight of apples growing on trees is no big deal (and for one of the Spikey’s, well, they have hundreds of apple trees), but here in the hot southwest of Turkey, growing hard fruits like apples is a bit of a hit and miss affair. 50 more words


The Great Tractor Show

In November, the poet Howard Brown and I are giving a show about tractors. He has the long poem. I have gallery walls. Somehow we’ll make this work. 103 more words


The old milking stool

This was Buck’s milking stool.  He was a dairy farmer most of his life.

He milked with his sons, twice a day, every day.  He worked from sun up ’til sun down.   66 more words

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