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it must look perfect!

There is a distinct difference between what you hear from chefs and what you hear from supermarkets. We know this because often chefs will use produce which has been rejected for supermarkets. 634 more words

Macro Monday: "Baby Oranges"

My posting for Macro Monday.

Hope you all like it :)



Careers: Agricultural Scientist – Year 3 and 4 Students

What is it?

An Agricultural Scientist looks at problems with farming and the environment.

What do they look at with the environment?

The impacts on production or produce, and they then come up with a solution to fix it. 265 more words

The Future of Food – Year 6

We looked at the blog ‘The Future of food’. We found lots of things interesting in this, and learnt lots of stuff that we didn’t know about. 238 more words

Rural round-up

Forestry workers dodge poachers’ bullets – Sonita Chandar:

Forestry workers are dodging bullets from poachers, says a forest manager.

They are being fired at by people hunting wild pigs illegally released in the private forests. 1,102 more words


Coyotes and Unidentified Scat

The last couple of days we’ve heard the coyotes around 0800 and 1900, which is unusual, they typically only make noise in the wee hours of the morning. 76 more words

Successes and Failures

This lifestyle involves learning a lot of new and wonderful things.  It also includes a fair amount of failures.  Yet, thankfully, a lot of successes as well.  198 more words