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Objects in the Mirror are Larger Than They Appear

It’s been a blue moon since I’ve been here. Frankly, it’s because someone forgot to tell me I’d be too busy taking care of pigs to write about pigs. 363 more words


UK hemp crop growing well without fertilizer, pesticide

By Janet Patton

jpatton1@herald-leader.comJuly 30, 2014

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UK agronomist Dave Williams stood next to a plot of 7-foot hemp plants at the University of Kentucky Spindletop Research Farm in Lexington last Thursday. 631 more words


The great escape!

While corralling Winnie for the night, our first jailbreak occurred. Straight out if the barn, and not into the pasture…straight into the front yard. Then the street. 45 more words


Operation isolate baby...pt 2

After a second night of isolation doubled our output of milk…2 whole cups today…as my oldest son told me…baby steps.

As a side note: when corralling a calf, do so during daylight hours…black calf + moonless night = tough chore.


Operation isolate baby...pt 1

After isolating Winnie in the barn overnight, we were able to get more milk…a whole cup. But hey it’s better than nothing. Annie ran out of food in her feeder while in the stanchion and once the food ran out..,so did time for milking. 12 more words


Milking trials and tribulations

Well, the stanchion is built…the barn is enclosed…and we are ready for milking.

The first attempt at milking netted us a grand total of 2 squirts. 19 more words