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Dealing with it...



I hadn’t the right tools when I found the burrs growing up  in a shady corner of the pasture.  I was ill equipt.  Then, out of sight… out of mind. 161 more words


revisiting meat: what we eat affects everything

Meat has just been pushed back up the agenda again. Cambridge and Aberdeen Universities have estimated that there will be a rise in greenhouse emissions if meat and dairy consumption continues to rise at the current rate. 769 more words

SnowPea and the boys

Things around here have been pretty quiet this past week, with the exception of the boys and their pre-breeding behaviors. They continue their beauty regimes by making sure their faces and beards are totally saturated with urine, and they stand near the fence making what they think are “come hither” noises.  180 more words


Into the Garden: Vegetables

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, one of the last of summer, and I couldn’t help but look out my window into the storm pouring onto my labor of work. 473 more words


A Guide to Livestock Feed and Forage

Find out how to choose the best livestock feed and forage for the winter months.

By Callene Rapp

Straw is rarely used for feed except when grass hay is in short supply, but a stockpile of it will keep your animals comfortable and warm in winter. 1,896 more words


kind of crazy

i am afraid if i tell you this story you will truly think me insane. but, i am going to tell you anyway. these late august days around here are the final push, the last leg of the marathon growing season. 357 more words


Cutest job title

I encounter very interesting positions in my job search. Check this out. Totally legit – calling out for the right guy / girl with the strong thighs.