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Why everyone should wwoof at least once in their lives

In the summer of 2012 I decided to quit my job and leave everything I knew behind in order to go volunteer at an organic, sustainable farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. 1,117 more words


Blueberry Or Deathberry

Blueberryton, Ont. РBlueberries have long been toted as a superfood that can do everything from fight cancer make even the most disgusting vodka taste bearable, but are overlooking a major danger posed by this little berry?   239 more words



Don’t be afraid of it.

Just because you are an urban farmer doesn’t mean you can’t have your very own compost, lots and lots of compost. 745 more words

Urban Farming

A Story for the Grandkids

Two and a half weeks ago, I had a unique opportunity to sit in front of a subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives to share a bit of my farm story. 914 more words


Ask a Farmer

Every weekend I’ll be asking my husband (pictured above)¬†three questions about farming. If there’s something you want me to ask him please post it in the comments below! 412 more words


Ivy covered barn

Another one of my favorite subjects from my favorite part of the world – Kentucky :)



If you ever want to grow just one type of vegetable that will make you feel like the best gardener in the world, give you the feeling of endless bounty, and keep you harvesting baskets full of summer goodness on a daily basis……grow greenbeans. 77 more words

Life At Fernwood