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Sometimes freedom is choosing not to.

There was a lot of talk about freedom in Finnish blogs this weekend. Who has or hasn’t the freedom to choose, what choices are available, what limits us and whose fault it is. 257 more words


Learning As We Go: Part two

I think Jen and I will both readily admit we were very confident when we embarked on this adventure. We felt we knew what we were getting into and any down sides would be significantly outweighed by the ups. 1,616 more words

The Aftermath - so what DID happen to Jaq?

It’s 24 hours later, we’ve had time to figure out just what the hell happened last night. The truth is, we’ll never really know, but this is the favoured theory at the moment; 176 more words


Four Kittens born today!

We are pleased to announce that our lovely farm cat had given labor today to four healthy kittens!

What a way to excited this rainy day of August 12th 2014!  69 more words


What the Hell Just Happened to our Dog?

I came home from work tonight tired and cranky. Andy is away as always during the week and I knew the fire would have gone out, it’s freezing here, and raining now and I dreaded getting home to the dog feeding frenzy, a freezing cold house, ¬†lighting the fire, dinner, kids bath and bedtime. 606 more words


Busy, Busy, Busy

Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I feel like I’ve just been so busy! We got new carpet in the entire house, as well as new linoleum in the kitchen and dining room, so moving everything around for that had kept us pretty busy. 366 more words

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