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It's About That Time...

of the year on farm property, when furry something or-others frantically seek their winter residence…someplace warm, safe, and with ample food and water. Usually, it’s going to be around, near, or in barns and other places and spaces where farm animals or humans live. 920 more words


Persevering by the Example of a Potato

The potato is one of my favorite foods. It is a wholesome starch that is high in Vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin B6, and with trace amounts of thiamine, riboflavin, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron.  708 more words


Fall-the bittersweet season

Fall on the farm is my favorite season.  It’s sweet because all the vegetables left are at their flavor peak and look beautiful in autumn’s low light.   133 more words

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Learning to Trust In God's Plan

Planting Tomatoes

I was planting seedling tomato plants with my father-in-law one day last summer. In total, we planted approximately 60 plants. Most of these seedlings were 12 to 18 inches high already, growing from their 2″ planters. 434 more words


Don't Have a Cow, Man!

Growing up as a farm kid meant having a variety of animals. In the city it is normal for people to have a cat and dog, maybe even a few cats or dogs, but in the country the pet business is on a whole different level. 569 more words

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