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Ducks in the chimney.

One gets quite tired of dull mornings, the same old grind of getting up every day.  At least I do, but every once in a while I get an unexpected one. 392 more words


...Transformed To Better Serve Him

A week ago, I faced one of the most hated chores in the lives of all goat owners… Yes, it was time for hoof trimming.  You see, in nature, as goats make there way up rocky cliff faces, over mountain passes, and through stony gravel trails, they naturally keep their hooves shaved down.  759 more words


Saturday Snowballs

Last night we had our second (yes, only second) “big” snow of the year and woke up this morning with a little over four inches. It was nicely topped off by a few hours of sleet and freezing rain too, which makes for an excellent feeding weather for our morning trip around the farm. 84 more words


#TBT: The First Horses I Ever Met and a New Resolution

Meet my friend Bob. He’s the big Belgian on the left, standing with his owner and brother, Tom, on the right. These were the first horses I ever met and little did I know (as the kid whose parents never let her have a horse of her own) how up close and familiar I’d become with horses from living on a farm. 86 more words


Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty tucked in for a nap on her chair.

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