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Eat to Love

Between summer weddings in BC and bouncing back to Hawaii, my garden was more tangled, jungle maze then grocery store produce isle.   There’s food in there but you need to go hunting for it.   82 more words

Maui Maka Portraits

Day 20: Home is where the heart is, home is where the cows are

Tomorrow I get to go home. I haven’t been there in two whole weeks. Which to most college students probably doesn’t seem like much time away, but to me it seems like a century. 464 more words

A New Chapter: Farm Life

I quit my job and moved to Heavenly Hills Harvest Farm to experience the simple life, something I really needed: slower pace, tranquility, and open space. 524 more words

Day 17: Kitty Cats

Today as it’s cold and snowy out at school, I’m thinking about home. I know that you could most likely see the cow’s breath and they will be running around like little calves. 142 more words

Good morning

As usual it’s hard to drag the big camera around while doing farm work, but today I took some pics during our morning chores. We get up around 06:20 every morning and go right out to the animals before it’s time for the human breakfast. 75 more words


5 Farm Kid Gifts

I found so many more than 5 farm kid gifts that it really makes it hard to narrow it down.

1.  PVC Pipe Building Kit.  http://amomwithalessonplan.com/pvc-pipe/ This is a do it yourself, fun to imagine kit.   219 more words