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Schedule for Dragon Con 2014

Now that the full schedule has been released for Dragon Con 2014, I can tell you where I will be as a panelist for this year’s con. 514 more words


Farscape Rewatch! -- "Die Me, Dichotomy"


Hey, what’s this? Am I . . . am I writing about Farscape!? Why yes, it appears that I am. Forgive me, dear readers, for I have sinned. 4,762 more words


Farscape Fans Baffled By Film They Didn't Ask For

Fans of the sci-fi TV series Farscape have found themselves confused and bewildered by the news that the cast are to return in a new film. 274 more words


Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Like many highly anticipated anime I know next to nothing about and intentionally try not to learn ahead of time, I was very excited about going to see… 479 more words

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Fan Art: Little Aliens

Most of my fan art happens to fall under the category of ‘Little Aliens': 33 more words


Farscape - A review that bolstered the cause of space exploration

Farscape is one of those shows that didn’t get nearly enough acclaim when it was on the air, yet it still fared better than Firefly, racking up four seasons and a movie to cap off the franchise. 471 more words