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Guest Feature: Farscape Moya Starship

Today’s guest feature is a lovely free pattern for the organic starship Moya from Farscape, courtesy of Jana Whitley.

Here it is in all its glory… as you know I have a soft spot for  54 more words


The dubious joys of a sick day

As I may have mentioned every day for the last four days, my germ-ridden colleagues have infected me with some kind of plague. After three days of no rest and feeling up and down, last night was pretty miserable and I decided to stay home today, to try and catch up on several hours of lost sleep, not to mention the fact that work is difficult when you’re more capable of squeak than speak. 557 more words

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An Elegant Weapon Episode CXXVII…TGACC Chats From The Floor

The Jedi Ras conducts floor interviews from The Great Allentown Comic Con featuring Gigi Edgley ( Farscape, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, Hashtag ) comic artist Mark McKenna ( Banana Tails, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Detective Comics ) and Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens, Kim Possible, Family Guy ) 30 more words

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Costume pieces grow legs and walk away

So in typical fashion, things never go as planned. Originally I had planned to finish this costume in June for a convention in Niagara Falls. I had to get more leather to lace through my vest and I couldn’t get that soon enough to finish it without sleepless nights (and I already have some of those with a wee one). 340 more words


Instant understanding

Ever wondered where Babelfish online translator got his name from? Yup, that’s correct. In the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy, this small yellow and whimsical symbiotic creature could be placed in your ear and, automatically, you’d understand every language in the galaxy. 664 more words

This Is How It Works ...

Dumb Caption # 12 - Farscape, Season 4, Episode 13, "Terra Firma"

Jack Crighton (Kent McCord) says, “People don’t dream like they used to. It’s about survival now.” And John Crighton (Ben Browder) replies, “Whose survival?”

And the caption reads: “Who’s survival?”

Captions By Dummies

Farscape characters: Crais & Scorpius


“There is much in life that is unfair. We are all proof of that.”

Peacekeeper Captain Crais is Farscape‘s first attempt at an antagonist, the first hunter and nemesis of the crew of Moya: as such, despite many interesting facets and the great portrayal from actor Lani Tupu (who also gives his voice to Pilot), he does not completely reach the goal in my opinion.  1,318 more words