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Zingo O'Malley sailed the seas

Zingo O’Malley sailed the seas

On a ship infested with Moroccan fleas

Captain Drudgeforth was a gray dull man

Until they reached the shores of Iran… 43 more words


A Cagliari, venerdì 19 settembre, un importante incontro con la millenaria cultura persiana.

La cultura è il primo ponte di dialogo, il primo ponte di conoscenza fra stranieri provenienti da terre diverse, ed è proprio la cultura a rappresentare il primo mattone che si posa per cominciare a costruire case comuni. 455 more words

Gianluca Floris

Am I a Polyglot?

I am what you would call a first generation immigrant.  My parents came over to England from Iran when I was just 10 months old so therefore I grew up speaking more English than Farsi.   388 more words

13 Things Persians Say That Don't Make Sense In Translation

When people first meet me, one of their first questions is always “where are you from?” Sometimes I receive a blank face and confused eyebrow-raise, preceding the extremely blunt, “ 1,895 more words

Don't Even Ask!

Bitter poison of separation I’ve tasted, don’t even ask 
Pains in love I’ve endured, don’t even ask 

I’ve searched both worlds, and
some beloved I’ve picked, don’t even ask… 59 more words



“Satan” is the same word at “Sheitan” in farsi, and it means, of course, the devil, or rather, the Devil. It speaks volumes to the peculiar notions of childhood and parenting in Iran then that a naughty or mischievous child is also called “sheitan”, or rather, in the spoken vernacular “sheitoon”. 251 more words

Moved By Reza Yazdani's Great Voice


His voice captivates me,  & no matter what I’m  doing when a song by Reza Yazdani comes on I stop everything & listen