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ladies don't fart

ladies don’t fart, they whisper in their panties. thursday quote


Trail run

Trail Run this morning.

Started and ended at Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.

There’s lots of fun things to do in the Arroyo Area. I passed this on my run. 134 more words


oooh, what a waste of time

I actually attended another baby shower last Sunday and it was for my other cousin. It was really good–the theme was Baby and Co… like Tiffany and Co–get it? 434 more words

Awkward fart

I remember the first time I met my boyfriend, we had been dating long distance for a few months. He came in February,  I think it was the 8th but I am not entirly sure. 131 more words

“You laugh because I’m different. I laugh because I farted.”

Well, nothing is funnier than farts and fart jokes never get old. It may sound ridiculous and disgusting but at the same time  nothing can beat farts.

178 more words

it may be easter, but call me buddha

my stomach feels like its about to explode.  i ate a huge breakfast.  it was absolutely delicious (okay, it was mostly fruit, but also cereal and stuff!) and then I snacked through lunch, and then i ate a big old salad with a bunch of vegetables.   447 more words


I can feel the poot poot is coming.

(Loud fart)

It wasn’t me!



Me: =_=

Shit My Boyfriend Says