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it may be easter, but call me buddha

my stomach feels like its about to explode.  i ate a huge breakfast.  it was absolutely delicious (okay, it was mostly fruit, but also cereal and stuff!) and then I snacked through lunch, and then i ate a big old salad with a bunch of vegetables.   447 more words


I can feel the poot poot is coming.

(Loud fart)

It wasn’t me!



Me: =_=

Shit My Boyfriend Says

It Didn't Smell That Bad Guys

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In Space No One Can Hear You Fart

Over the Hedge: Reinventing the fart joke since 1995.

Comic Commentary

Cannons Firing

Lately I’ve been woken up by my ass. When my alarm goes off I hit snooze but that starts the ripping. Small and innocent at first but they keep getting worse. 62 more words

Live life. Make a face when you fart.


THURSDAY. April 17th, 2014

The refueling of the electrolytes in the core of the universe will cause you to have a bad hair day. So bad, it looked like someone came in your hair and then you went on a roller coaster ride. 76 more words