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British inventor is going to fart on France

Within the next hour or two, British inventor, Colin Furze is going to point his ass in the direction of France and rip one with the hopes they can hear him from the UK.  217 more words


Gas Leak At Burrito Company

Not what you think; it was carbon monoxide.

The local news reported -

BOULDER – Workers at Evol Foods in Boulder were evacuated Monday morning after high levels of carbon monoxide sickened several employees. 23 more words

UK Man Builds World's Biggest Fart Machine in Giant Butt, Aims it at France

Ahhh, the sweet smell of innovation. Wait, those are farts.

One silly English dude is building the world’s biggest fart machine so he can let one rip on France.

Cliff Lee Rips Fart To End An Interview [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

It appears there is a fart battle going on in the Philadelphia Phillies locker room.

In April, Phillies relief pitcher Jonathan Papelbon had a little relief of his own during an interview as he passed gas as clear as day… 95 more words


(VIDEO) Cliff Lee Ends Postgame Interview With 'Emphatic Fart'

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee returned the mound for the first time since May and stunk up the joint. Literally.

Following his putrid 5 inning, 12 hit, 6 run performance, Lee spoke with the Philly media and concluded the interview by letting one rip. 73 more words