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The Proper Way to Fart in a Pool

If you fart in a pool, especially if it was a big fart and especially if there are other people around, be sure and yell, “Did you just see that whale swim by?”


Insanely Hilarious Fart Stories

Pull my finger.

I wouldn’t say that I love farts (because that would make me sound like a freak), but I would say that I find them very entertaining. 56 more words


Devil Dog

As a kid, one of my very favorite snacks was a Devil Dog.  A Drake’s Devil Dog.

Folks who live in Maine, or whose moms baked know them as Whoopie Pies.  227 more words


An Open Letter to the Guy Who Farted on Me on the Train

You were standing very close to me. It was 9:23am and there were at least four people hanging on to the same yellow pole, strategically avoiding eye contact and wishing more than anything to get off of the train. 101 more words

Code Phrases And Cauliflower

Before I begin, I’d like to note that I generally don’t criticize a man who’s washing dishes. I believe the correct response to a dishcloth-wielding male is a sincere ‘thank you’, possibly combined with hugs, kisses, ear-nibbling, and/or some friendly groping. 631 more words

Diane Henders

On living together: the good, the bad and the ugly.

“We really need to get out of this habit of just throwing things on the floor,” he said, picking up a pair of my carelessly strewn pyjama bottoms. 767 more words


The Mozart Effect, or the Nofart Effect

Last night during the finale of Don Giovanni, a popular opera by Mozart, I started writing this blog in my head. Although I had a considerable amount of fast notes to play, and regardless of the fact that I had been playing for over two hours straight at that point and was tired, I was ironically thinking about how much I multi-task all the time and have trouble staying in the moment. 949 more words