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Tuesday Sketch, July 29 2014 "the topic of the week… butts"

More like last week was more about butts and this one more about black and white. I have a little obsession lately about butts, I feel like a little kid again, there makin me giggle. 267 more words

Oops... my brain sharted.


As I sprinted to my computer to write, because I felt an urgent onset of writing inspirations… I was interrupted with the most uncomfortable brain gas in the world. 631 more words

Fart Bet

To fart or not to fart. This was the question.

The start of any relationship is replete with a myriad of happy new experiences as you get to know each other intimately and feel yourselves truly connecting. 629 more words

Weird Fact Of The Day 07/26/2014

It is possible, after ingesting the correct ratio of a generic brand of cola, baked beans, Chinese food and peanut brittle, for a human being to literally fart themselves to death.

Weird Fact Of The Day

Chickens don't Fart

Apparently this is the main environmental concern with poultry/beef and mutton. I didn’t see a mention about pigs, I presume pigs fart.

The production of methane is the issue. 387 more words