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How to Be a Person: Farting During Your Seminar

Although editor emeritus Emma Specter ’15 is the undeniable fart queen of The Thrill (just look at her staff photo), I think I’ve proven… 432 more words



hey HEY!

I moved some things around and added some more drawings and paintings :D
I even added some new pages and uhm

- Alex


Protein Farts – How To Fight The Funk

Protein farts can be pretty hilarious amongst the bro s who share in your adolescent humor (like me, lol), but in order to prevent the wife from filing for divorce over your downright offensive smelling flatulence you might want to read on and learn what you can do to suppress those protein farts. 141 more words

Weird things I do to entertain myself... because I'm weird... part 4...

I am not proud to admit this, but when I wash my hands, I squish them together to make wet farty sounds… and I have a little electronic fart noise-making machine… and I use it…  because… I am like a 6-year-old boy trapped in a man’s body… I guess…


Scriptures sleeves. His and hers.

Recently my husband and I have become involved in the Jehovah’s Witness Christian faith. This means we both acquired our own bibles. I have my favorite verses book marked, so sometimes I panic when I accidentally grab my husbands copy for a bible study. 230 more words


Back to the Beginning

In a previous post about my little Mr Farty Pants, I touched on the subject that he has always struggled to poop.  This got increasingly worse as time went on and at around 9 months old, things changed for the worse. 437 more words