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I should have been studying

{brain farts}

It’s been a week…and my grades came in.

This quarter was odd.  It felt like it just zipped on by.  One moment I was learning Assets + Liabilities = Owners equity, and the next I was amortizing bond interest rates.   156 more words

All Things Bloo

Merry Fucking Christmas

Argh It’s that time again, Christmas. Way back when, prior to children I use to relish the season to be drunk and jolly with my dad listening to the Twelth Man and eating my body weight in cold meats. 643 more words

Farts on Mars

While driving around on the 4th rock from the sun, the Curiosity has discovered something surprising. No, not further evidence that Mars, at one point, had standing lakes, we already knew that more or less. 261 more words


#todaysconclusions 17/12/14

3 days of illness is boring.

You can watch a lot of TV in-between sleeping, sweating and shaking.

Opening the front door to a door-to-door charity salesman in a flu like state proclaiming your ill will simply get said salesman to hold his hands up and walk away. 37 more words


So, You Wonder What Scares A Pitbull?

So, no doubt there are few dog breeds that have anywhere near the reputation as Pitbulls have for being super tough and not to be messed with. 88 more words


These Boots Weren't Made For Walking

I have a favourite pair of boots that I absoultely adore.  If I could have an affair with an inanimate object, these boots would win my affections each and every time.  242 more words