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VIDEO: Syd Wilder Explains Boob Farts

Every year hundreds, thousands–mayhap even scores of dozens of handfuls–of aspiring actors make their way to Hollywood to chase that dream of occupying the limelight. Some do it to explore their passion. 233 more words


Random Thoughts Pt 5

Sit back and listen to a the ramblings of the madness in my mind!!

The Place

I am enjoying the new place.  It is in a nice country setting and is peaceful.   466 more words

Birthday Delight

Don Hedgewick had always been a nobody. Well, perhaps “nobody” is a tad harsh. He was the kind of guy who was easily forgettable, and who was frequently mistaken for other people. 809 more words

Smelly Feet or A What?

My project partner has smelly feet. The odor, oscillates between a sweet, mossy, dirty-wet-doggy stink and down right toxic farts.

It all started last year. I discovered that a lot of times when I was around her, things smelled of farts. 1,231 more words

Movie Night with Mack

Trying to watch a movie with Mack in our finished basement, aka Mack’s Bachelor Pad, is trying and is usually peppered with unnecessary interruptions in forms of certain smells and noises. 1,104 more words


Another interesting conversation while lying in bed

Me: I don’t want your poop particles on me! 

Him:  Stop moving. You’ll disturb it. Don’t disturb it. God help us if the apartment is bugged. 


Earthworm farts

It’s so quiet here in Plagwitz that you can hear the earthworms fart

Hier ist es so still, dass man die Regenwürmer furzen hört