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They Walk Among Us: Flavor Infused Flatulence

There’s an old joke that perfume was invented to mask one’s desperate need for a bath. If that’s true, then I’m really nervous about the cause for this new product. 144 more words


Frenchman creates pill to make your farts smell of roses and chocolate

This could be a perfect secret Santa gift for that flatulent colleague you just can’t face.

A French man claims to have developed a pill that makes your farts smell like chocolate or roses. 130 more words


The farting threshold

I’m fairly sure you have officially entered a relationship when one of you farts in front of the other. Its a tricky event.  If the moment comes too soon it can create a awkward zone that just might kill a budding romance .   564 more words


Flatulence Floozies

So I was sitting in bed with Jack the other night, having a beer, when the phone wrang.

No big deal. I got up to get it and OHMYGOD I farted. 325 more words

Opinion Pieces

Laughing So Hard I Cried

and it might have been a little bit immature but how could I have forgotten to post it?!!?! Listen close!

You’re Welcome.