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Report: English professor's farts becoming increasingly smellier

DALLAS – Unsure if it’s because of something she ate or merely the stench of old age, SMU English professor, Martha Whittlesey confirmed Friday that the odor of her farts has been steadily gaining strength at a rate doctors tell her is typically only seen in dogs. 369 more words



(F)ARTS.  The F can stand for many things — free, fun, fast — and all of these apply.  (F)ARTS is a concept I was working on a few years ago, when a friend of mine and I used to make tiny works of art and hide them around town.   484 more words


Litdemon.com Launched!

Our founding editor has created Lit Demon, a writers’ resource and educational hub. It’s pretty sweet. Check it out: litdemon.com.

Ever been in a writing workshop? 173 more words


J is for jarring

My wife is pregnant.  Regular visitors to this blog know this.

She is also gassy.

Anyone who has been pregnant, or close to a woman who has been pregnant knows this. 167 more words


Magic Sparkles - Lenny the Constipated Wizard - Mini-Story

“Come on Lenny,” said the crowd, “just a few sparkles.”

“I’m trying,” said Lenny, his face red and shaking.

“Try harder!” yelled the collective.

Lenny pulled his robe a bit higher, leaned over a bit more, and pushed for all he was worth. 13 more words

Random Thoughts

The Farting Witch Lady

There was a lady named Fart. She was a witch. She would use fart spells to scare off all the hungry wolves. The wolves hated her fart spells. 204 more words