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Everybody likes their own brand.


What the hell is that?!
That smell.
Oh, God. It smells like…

Okay, it’s hit you. An uninvited, unholy stench has penetrated your nostrils and assaulted your senses. 630 more words

Living Funny; Dying Clumsy

I  have  a  confession  to  make  and  it  may  not  come  as  much  of  a  surprise,  but  I  think  it’s  something  that  needs  to  be  addressed.   616 more words


And Baby Makes......5?

Yes, it’s true! We are expecting our first child! We are due right around Valentine’s Day, Feb 13 to exact and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 458 more words


Destination: YELLOWSTONE

I just got back from a short two day trip and have to say that Yellowstone is the most insane place I’ve ever been. The ground is bubbling all around you and the colors are just something out of an acid trip, with the air smelling like a constant fart. 342 more words

Dirty Dirt

Farts in a Jar - How to Cure the Plague in the 17th Century

Link to article.

When the Bubonic Plague wiped out almost half the population of Europe in the 14th century, several strange and bizarre cures were concocted to combat disease.   217 more words


Throwback Thursday: Steve-O's Fartopia

For years Loveline has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people with everything from love advice to medical assessments.

But throw a guy like Steve-O on the air, and you get, well, guys lighting their farts on fire. 63 more words