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Look Around You

The following is just a little bit of commentary on the world.

Something I’ve noticed more than ever before since taking transit to work in a big city everyday is how often people just rush, rush, rush to where they are going, hardly sparing a moment to take a look at what’s going on around them. 489 more words


Muting Question #3 - SunBathing.. Why do we do it?

Of course, this is not intended to be a guide like: “How to sunbath correctly” or “The perfect sun-tanning method, no more sunburns all over your body”. 695 more words


Who's Your Favorite Ninja Turtle?

Many kids on the spectrum have a fascination, obsession or favorite something from time to time. I’ve seen my child gravitate to Legos, Marvel super heroes, Power Rangers and some other things I’m sure I’ve forgotten! 394 more words


Adventure, Ubiquitous

One of the great things about about living on Earth is that everything is constantly changing. Every human, dog, chair, apple; every animate and inanimate object on earth is different from millisecond to millisecond. 401 more words

Daily Life

Chasing Shadows

Swerving figures are running down the lane.
Their Cold, deaf eyes are driving us insane.
Semi invisible mirror men serve as distraction.
The objects of our fascination are scattered in fractions. 17 more words


The dynamic that empowers insights and breakthroughs

Yesterday I finishing reading the book How The World Sees You. I uncovered my personal anthem over the last few weeks by pouring through this highly recommended book by Sally Hogshead.  269 more words

Follow Your Fascination

Dear Courageous Soul,

You carry a question with you that preys on your mind: “What should I do next in my life? What am I to do?” 192 more words