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The Doctrine Of Fascism reviews

The Doctrine Of Fascism

The Doctrine Of Fascism. If you looking for The Doctrine Of Fascism. For more details of The Doctrine Of Fascism, please follow the link below. 48 more words

How would gay marriage affect your marriage?

The Daily  Signal explains what it costs for those who refuse to celebrate same-sex marriage.


A bakery owner in Oregon broke down in tears while discussing the fallout of her and her husband’s decision not to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple on the basis of their Christian beliefs.

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WoooHoops! Begging Stations, all Hands!

And we’re off, to the last Freerepublic Begathon in 2014. If Jimbo doesn’t manage to squeeze in an extra track.  We’re of course just starting out, so I’m waiting with bated breath for all the coming attractions like murder threats, exhortations to give Jimbo your last four cents, pictures of countless cats and cakes, unsanitary cats-among-the-cakes, fake donor lists, creepy stolen graphics and generally hours of amusement to the degree one has time to waste. 171 more words


A climate of fear: The path towards the totalitarian police-state

We live in a permanent climate of fear these days, especially since the western leaders have decided to attack the terrorist organization IS(IL) in Iraq and Syria. 758 more words

Confused History--Fascism and Secession

by Al Benson Jr.

The other night I ran across some sort of forum on the Internet, and one of the contributors to it asked the question: What if? 1,144 more words