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A black Friday: The kingdoms to come?

Not long after I returned from living in Australia I picked up J G Ballard’s Kingdom Come, a further exploration of a semi-fictional suburban location, one of what he calls in the book rather nicely, the Heathrow towns. 642 more words

Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine by Timothy Snyder | The New York Review of Books

Yale University’s Timothy Snyder, a leading historian on Eastern Europe, discusses the Russian media claim that the Ukrainian government are fascist:

The strange thing about the claim from Moscow is the political ideology of those who make it.

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Russia & Former USSR

Oh I Do Love This Man; The Preacher That Is

Listen to what this Cop sees as his job and listen to how he thinks we should feel about him doing his “job”.

Now see what everyone can do to stop these Fascist, Police State tactics… 71 more words


Lavie Tidhar, 'A Man Lies Dreaming' (2014)

Lavie Tidhar has made his reputation turning genre fiction on its head. In Osama, he tackled the war on terror by imagining Osama bin-Laden as a fictional character in a series of pulp adventure books. 785 more words


November 27, 2014 – Thankless in America…

Gimme!  Gimme!  Gimme!  Where’s MINE!!!   I DESERVE!!!!  I DEMAND!!!!  I TAKE!!!!  I ENVY!!!  I AM JEOLOUS of what others have and I don’t!!!  I  want MORE!!!  228 more words


Internet companies should not be monitoring terrorists or anyone else

By Tim Dickinson

It is a gross violation of privacy for communications companies to monitor their users despite what the intelligence services may claim.

The recent… 493 more words


Uno spin al turismo arriva a Livorno - speriamo?


Finalmente! Rilanciare il turismo è la cosa più logica da fare a Livorno, perché avrebbe delle potenzialità enormi; purtroppo poco sfruttate a causa del provincialismo dei cittadini (che è brava a parlare, ma non a fare) e del clientelismo che portava a compiere in tempi lunghissimi progetti inutili – e perfino dannosi, basti pensare alle rotatorie su Viale Nazelio Sauro – che danneggiavano e certo non abbellivano la città, con i soldi delle casse comunali destinati a rimpinguare quindi qualche costruttore edile sfrontato. 422 more words