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Centrism and fear over Gaza: "Communists" vote down equality of peoples

Reacting in fear of being falsely branded as ‘anti-semitic‘ by the political mainstream that stood aloof in August in silence while more than 2000 Arabs were butchered in four weeks of carnage by the so-called Israeli Defence Force, on September 14, one small fraction of the British far left showed its lack of revolutionary politics. 3,006 more words


Chris Hedges: The State of Corporate Dominance in the World

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

Amendment Gazette on Sep 14, 2014

Interview with award-winning journalist and best-selling author Chris Hedges. Hedges spent fifteen years as a foreign correspondent for the NY Times, has written several books, including the 2002 National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction finalist…

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ISIS and Fighting Clerical Fascism

The need to fight fascism and prevent genocide are as close to self evident truths as humanity might wish to invent. When both present themselves in the form of ISIS the question is how, rather than why, they must be destroyed. 1,166 more words



For it’s day, Metropolis must have been seen with amazement. Shoot, any movie back then was pretty amazing but when you add the fantastical themes and settings of… 609 more words


The new status quo: why a non-neoliberal alternative in Swedish politics is becoming increasingly unlikely

Yesterday, Sweden was preoccupied with one of the most nail-biting elections in recent years. While the government has changed and Fredrik Reinfeldt is no longer at the helm and the cause for some hope for change, the election had two consequences that make it difficult to be optimistic about Sweden’s future. 935 more words


Richard Seymour's Cromulent Discourse on ISIS "Hipsters."

“Isis is tweeting, often with a wry, sardonic edge that makes them sound like New York hipsters turned salafists.”

Bombs won’t solve the Isis problem, but “Even the left is demanding quick solutions to the horror and immediacy of the Isis beheadings. 803 more words

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Politics and The Cliched Language

This article with an intentionally awfully-punned title is about The Adolf Hitler of Language: Cliches

In 1946, George Orwell wrote his most well-known essay “Politics and the English Language” 1,413 more words