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Leaflets Handed Out In Eastern Ukraine "Order" Jews To Register Or Be Deported - time for Christians to stand up

USA Today just reported that a group claiming to be the new temporary government over a portion of eastern Ukraine is ordering Jews to register with the government or face, property confiscation and deportation. 399 more words

Mermaid Avenue

I lost my shit the first time I heard this tale.

Woodie Guthrie (1912 – 1967) died with thousands of complete lyrics scrawled over piles of pages, none recorded, none with music other than being written with a vague stylistic notation. 206 more words

Rokn Roll

Hell for the hard-hearted ones

by A.E. Malmer © 2014

A saint named Hildegard of Bingen from the Germany of the 1200s describes the hell for the hard-hearted as one involving a deep hole amid spikes and worms and smoke emitted from “seething pitch.” Fox, Matthew. 399 more words

TSA officers angry over new X-ray glasses

The National Reporter
TSA officers across the country are livid over the new X-ray glasses they have been issued that enable them to see right through clothing making it unnecessary for them to continue the practice of searching people with their hands. 469 more words


April 13, 2014 – Huckabee is Still a Schmuckabee…

I will say it again. Huckabee is still a schmuckabee. That just about says it all for me. And I say that as a staunch, post-Republican conservative, a Tea Party conservative, one more conservative than the venerable Barry Goldwater. 223 more words