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December 20, 2014 – The Race War Starts…

Two cops were gunned down in, of all places, Brooklyn, New York by what a Fox News analyst described as a “deranged” gang member from Baltimore.  164 more words


A Lover Scorned or Why I Stopped Supporting Sunderland

In March 2013 I stopped supporting Sunderland AFC. I threw away almost all of my Sunderland shirts, scarves, and memorabilia. “How can you fall out of love so quickly?” people have asked me. 952 more words

IF gang stalkers are state spies (financed by the taxpayer) they are fomenting hatred against groups such as blacks, gays and feminists

According to the authorities gang stalking is a myth, but they don’t/can’t deny that all the elements that combined comprise gang stalking do not exist – stalking, bullying, harassment, black listing, slander, vandalism, gaslighting, noise harassment, smear campaigns, lies, cult activities, manipulation, intimidation, police corruption, political corruption, framing, etc. 248 more words

Craven Legislators Form Gun Control Group, Are Terrified Of Identifying Themselves

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Hi, my name is Jim and I have a gun problem.  I hate guns and the Second Amendment and will do everything possible to overturn the Second Amendment. 512 more words


December 17, 2014 –Communist to Communist…

In the dark of night, as Congress leaves for Christmas vacations and the president heads for Hawaii for a VERY expensive vacation Obama normalizes diplomatic relations with Cuba and the Communist Castro regime.  450 more words


How did Mussolini become Prime Minister in 1922?

Contrary to popular belief, Benito Mussolini ascended to power legally, according to the Italian Constitution; appointed directly by King Victor Emmanuel III. No revolution took place. 2,339 more words

River Bend Lofts - Racine Mayor John Dickert's $15.3M Failure

City of Racine Condo’s for rent…. except Nobody wants them…..

November 21, 2009, from The Journal Times:

In May 2006, Walter celebrated the opening of a finished model condo unit with more than 100 local people present, and speeches by politicians. 247 more words