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Bra Shopping!

So, it’s no secret that women need bras. Life would be so much simpler without them, but since we do wear them, let’s make the process a little less daunting. 570 more words


Inner Guide for Fashion: Listen to her Fashion Tips

It is just the way it is. Stylists, designers and makeup artists have dedicated years to the study of fashion. There is no denying that they know the history, the make, the current ins of the glamorous worlds of dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, pants and accessories. 346 more words

Sara Khan

Keep It Simple.

Keep it simple and don’t over think it. There’s nothing sexier than the combination of simplicity and confidence.

Colour Blocking for Men

First question: What is colour blocking?
Second question: Can it look good?
Third question: Where can I get my own?

1. Colour blocking refers to wearing two or more contrasting colours together e.g a green t-shirt and some purple trousers (sounds scary doesn’t it?!) 231 more words

Beginners tips to getting your style right

To many men, formalwear knowledge isn’t a forte. We all need a hand every now and again, and what might be the perfect item for an interview, or for your office uniform, might not be the right option for a day at the races. 460 more words


Do How The Locals Do

I’ve never been a hat person. My hair sticks out funny under baseball caps, I always look out of place in a sombrero, and when it comes to Panama hats I want to rip the little suckers off peoples’ heads whenever I see them. 282 more words