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Kean Tan: A Profile on Modi$club's Co-founder by VFW

Media studies guru Marshall McLuhan famously posited “the Medium is the Message” sending many minds spinning and tongues wagging. Had Professor McLuhan lived to see just how his theory would play out through the MTV generation to the advent and proliferation of the information super highway to the expansive use and utility of mobile technology, he would surely be in awe. 1,571 more words


[Day 138]: Being Scouted

Being in Zales for hours with my brother and fiancee a few days ago turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We were in there so long that it was starting to get dark outside and Jason had to leave to take Frank out for his evening walk. 789 more words

Claudi Notebook

Controversy surrounding the modeling industry

Disclaimer: This is a hot debate topic. These are my own personal views, I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just saying this is how I feel about it. 616 more words


The September Issue

It’s the obvious choice, for an aesthete like myself, to launch a blog with a feature on the fashion industry’s annual project of pride, drama and surely tears, THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE.  357 more words



I glanced over at the closet this morning.  It was left partially open.  

To my surprise, the artist in me paused.  

Head tilted, I looked at the clothing pieces peeking out. 121 more words


Suprematism of Architecture | Spring Summer 2015 - outfit 1 | Womenswear


Design Concept: 

This mini collection is an extension of Suprematism of Architecture Menswear SS14.

I design for Women, adopt the element with my past collection and create a image to my womenswear collection.




Photoshop Artwork - Internet Collage



Here is an assignment from my Computers in Art class for my final semester in my undergraduate career. This was a challenging task but most rewarding once I finished it. 169 more words