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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have taken the following steps to contribute to social improvement and to protect the environment.

The MANGO store

All our stores are in prime locations in order to display our collections.

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MANGO Exposure

After visiting the MANGO website I discovered that the brand had already used a slight example of Double Exposure.

The image seen here on the Left portrays the same image layered twice to create the distorted edge. 14 more words


Pinterest is such an amazing and inspirational photo sharing platform. A photography technique that I have come across on the website is called ‘Double Exposure’. 84 more words




A fashion brand who boasts that one of their aims is to have a presence within every city in the world.

A statement that I think is difficult to achieve successfully, MANGO aren’t targetting this as well as they potentially could be. 264 more words


Like the Brief Breakdown I find that when I repeat information I understand it better! A lot like revision.