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This Week in Fashion: The Flash/Arrow-Week 5

No Flash this week, so hopefully that won’t totally throw off my week counts.

This week’s Arrow provides an exciting opportunity to look at fashion and identity. 760 more words

Bond Street Festive Illuminations Pay Homage To The Peacocks of Fashion

These are the ones I’ve been waiting for. Tantalising white peacock feather crowns. Would they be icy white like the baubles on Oxford Street or more colourful like the bulbs on Carnaby Street? 368 more words


Tom Ford SS15

 Tom Ford started off his career in fashion when he became the leading director of design at Gucci, he famously turned the company around from financial ruin to the multi-million pound successful company it is today. 834 more words


Chanel Nº5 : The One That I Want - The Film

Chanel have stunned us yet again with another mesmerizing short film. Chanel Nº5 films are always highly anticipated within the fashion industry not only because of the star-studded cast, superb direction and inspiring photography, but because they tell stories we fantasize about being apart of. 349 more words


Moschino SS15

A collection that has caught my attention recently is Moschino Spring/Summer 2015. The collection has created a lot of media attention being labelled as the “Barbie” collection as the show opens with a Barbie look-a-like model in an identical outfit to a Moschino Barbie doll which was included in the VIP goody bags at the Milan runway show. 363 more words


Chanel's feminist revolution: Spring 2015

If there’s one thing Karl Lagerfeld does well, it’s choosing themes. Novel themes. Themes that resonate. Themes that feed into set pieces and theatrics, that get press and that, ultimately, sell goods. 316 more words


Leather & lace: Givenchy spring 2015

When folk traditions, rock ‘n’ roll, and the sensuality of the ’70s all collide inside a mind like Riccardo Tisci’s, you can be sure brilliant things are about to happen. 284 more words

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