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Look Post | The Kimono

The kimono is so in right now and I’m crazy about it. I absolutely love the look. I think it’s perfect for our Cape Town summer. 377 more words

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Fashion 2014 AMA's

Sunday saw one of the biggest annual fashion events taking place. Yes, yes I am well aware that the American MUSIC awards is not a fashion event… 585 more words

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Look Post | Shift & Wedges

My ultimate favourite collaboration,  shift dresses and wedges! I think a shift is just the perfect fit for my shape and most women.  It can be worn casually, but is also the perfect look for the office. 256 more words

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Make your way down to room 69 please!!!

Its here its finaly here Room 69 from the first of November till the 20th is pure heaven of some wicked shopping , as i have mentioned before I have a ton of wickedly cool stuff to show you , and I have been slowly organising everything so as to put outfits togther and photo shoots < Im finally kind of ready to go and my first photoshoot Is done < actually so is the second and the thrid but i will post them over this week < I mean surley you cant have to much awesomness in one go right?? 176 more words

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