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10 Básicos de Siempre

Los básicos son una parte muy importante de cualquier closet, son (como su nombre lo dice) la parte básica de tú outfit. Saber armar buenas combinaciones con lo que tienes en tú closet depende mucho de que sepas usar y re-usar tus básicos, si usas una chamarra amarilla 3 veces en la misma semana, te garantizo que todo el mundo se va a dar cuenta, pero, si te pones un básico como puede ser una camisa blanca y la usas con cosas diferentes, por ejemplo un día con skinny jeans y unos zapatos rosas, otro día con una pencil skirt y un collar increíble y otro con un suéter encima que solo deje ver puños y cuello la cosa cambia completamente y lo que tienes son 3 combinaciones completamente diferentes. 916 more words

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Beauty of Fashion vs. War :::Future as I SEE:::

Hi everybody,

You all know about the current situation all around the world, from Iraq to Gaza and Kiev…, and seeing the horrors of War all over Media, I saw no point to write about Fashion when people are dying and suffering all around the world for “No reason”! 321 more words

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harrods shoes heaven? yes, please.


As if Harrods (um, and all of London) wasn’t amazing enough… They’re adding a self-proclaimed shoe heaven. Brb, booking my one-way ticket as we speak.


ASK SCB: Can you recommend some books to read this summer?

I love it when people start tweeting me asking for book recommendations or what I’ve been reading lately because then I feel less alone in the big bad world. 816 more words

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5 Edgy Style Essentials for Wedding Season

It’s that time of year again, wedding season! Sure, we can all take the classic route and find a date and dress like we’re pretending to be classy for the day. 683 more words

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Mom style: Ankle boots for fall

Yup, I’m the last one to get ankle boots. It’s such a shame.

I do have these Frye boots that I bought years and years ago, before ankle boots came back into style, but they really go above my ankles, so they are more like low-calf boots. 380 more words

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