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Wedding Season

For a recent family wedding I decided to go for a bright look on the henna night. As you all know Pakistani weddings usually do consist of alot of glamorous outfits. 56 more words


A couple dances at the “Eldorado,” a nightclub frequented by members of Berlin’s homosexual community. The nightclub, along with other similar establishments, was closed by the Nazi government in the spring of 1933. Berlin, Germany, 1929.



my name is beth fieldew, and I am a 17 year old student from melbourne, australia.
I’ll have an about page up and running very soon, where you can hear a little bit more about me, but for now I’ll just say that from me you can expect weekly posts, ranging from all sorts of things like beauty, fashion or just little life updates, as well as a beauty product review or monthly beauty favourite at the end of every month. 55 more words


Sharing, re-blogging, pingbacks, and reposts

Let me be very clear. I do NOT care if people share my articles on Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress. If you enjoy my work, by all means share it and I am happy about that. 156 more words


Labor Day Shopping and Dating

I’m totally stuck on “Rico Suavé,” my last fling, like I’m stuck on the overly extravagant 6-inch heels that were out of my reach at Nordstrom Rack on Labor Day.   111 more words