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Being a president is a tremendous burden. President Obama is plagued with decisions hourly; Profess the urgency of passing a $787 billion dollar Spending Stimulus Bill…and…go to Hawaii for vacation, follow up on the IRS scandal…or play golf, investigate Fast and Furious…or play golf or Benghazi…head to Vegas to raise funds. 120 more words


T2-40 Now, it's about that time!

So, school has thankfully started again today and I could not be more excited. So as, DO of EXO checks his watch in this gif, you know what that means. 264 more words


Bruised Not Broken

A question came up recently where I was asked “how can a man help a woman with her confidence when she has been so broken down in prior relationships.” I can’t remember exactly how I answered this question but, since that conversation I have had this running through my head and realized it was something I really felt needed to be talked about. 864 more words



(Universal Pictures)

Fast & Furious(ワイルドスピード)のコンピュータープログラムのスタッフが、シリーズ6作目となるユーロミッションを映画公開日の数日後に自宅のパソコンからインターネットにアップロードした容疑で逮捕されました。(懲役3年の判決)


裁判所では、彼はその動画からおよそ£1,000 (約165,000円) の利益があったと供述している。Universal Picturesの調べでは、一本の動画につき£1.50 (約250円)の利益があるとみている。


Stronger Independent Prosecutor Law Needed

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) the Obama administration violated the law by swapping Gitmo terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl. The administration is required by law to notify Congress 30 days before the release of Gitmo terrorists. 539 more words


Judge orders "Fast and Furious" documents must be handed over

A federal judge has ordered the Justice Department to provide Congress with documents related to the failed law enforcement program, Fast and Furious.

In court on Wednesday, Judge Amy Berman Jackson said the DOJ has until October 1st to hand the files over to the House Oversight Government Reform Committee. 118 more words