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Tech Magazines I Read To Get My Ideas Pumping

So today after class I went to my local bookstore because I wanted to see and buy the latest issues of Inc. magazine and Fast Company. 218 more words

Fast Company

How Your "Always Busy" Pace Is Ruining Your Decision-Making

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You think you are being super-productive, but really you are ruining your decision-making abilities and never reaching your best ideas. 650 more words


Design Thinking is Dead?

What is design? “Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system” (Wikipedia). And as… 218 more words

Bruce Nussbaum

I Have Four Jobs. . . Is This The "New Economy"?

By: Kelsey Manning

I never thought anything was unusual about my current working situation until I explained it to my dad:

“Well, I’m working at Hachette Monday through Thursday 9-5, I do work for Kate White on the commute back and forth, during my lunch break, and on Fridays, and I write for Levo and The Gloss (plus my own blog, for which I don’t pay myself) at nights and on the weekends.” He goes, “Wow, welcome to the new economy.” 448 more words