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Buried Treasure: "Maangchi" and the kimchi in the magazine rack

It really is refreshing to try something new.

I recently found myself preparing to go on a more than 10-hour bus ride.  In the grocery store the night before, I realized that I needed something to read.   536 more words

Your shirt may soon be able to visualize music

Created by the folks at New York-based design lab Crated, the Sync shirt is described by its creators as “an audio responsive VJ Shirt” that visually connects its wearer to the background music in a club. 516 more words

Makers Movement

Thoughts on Tech: Reserve Your Username For Good!

I have always wondered how certain people got the usernames @john or @mike on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram. How early were they involved in the launch of those platforms? 157 more words


Are self-employed Millennials just “necessity entrepreneurs” born out of Post-Traumatic Boss Disorder?

Fast Company published an article yesterday, “Why Millennials Want to Work for Themselves,” about the Millennial workforce of “necessity entrepreneurs” – a contingent of self-employed, self-making men & women who favour work-life balance over support, freedom over stability and creativity over corporate advancement. 826 more words


Why It’s Time To Manage Progress And Not People

Telling your workers to be more engaged just won’t work. Leadership is about putting mechanisms in place that will encourage their progress.

BY FAISAL HOQUE… 224 more words

Faisal Hoque

Square's search for a viable business model just got more desperate, thanks to Amazon

After years of hype, big investments, and a skyrocketing valuation, the mobile payments startup Square is coming to terms with the fact that even though its core business is wildly successful, it is still unprofitable. 479 more words