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How Sewing Is Weaning Me Off Fast Fashion

Sewing and fast fashion might seem like completely different ways of dressing oneself. One is slow and methodical, the other is impulsive and cheap. Apples and oranges. 754 more words


Democratização da Moda

Boa notícia para quem sempre sonhou em consumir a moda que as it-girls vestem. Giuliana Romanno é mais uma que lança coleção em parceria com a C&A. 241 more words


Sometimes you Have to Fake it!

H&M definitely knows how to give the designer world a run for their money. “Borrowing” ideas and constructing them for the stylish women on a budget (like myself) who love all things runway. 121 more words

Leopard Closet

MUJI in Toronto!?

One of Japan’s great retailers — known in English as Muji, which is a partial translation of “Unbranded Quality Items” — is finally coming to Canada, and specifically Toronto! 82 more words


Overdressed - The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion

Today, when I was looking for something totally different, I came across this great book: Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion which is exactly about what I consider so important: How do all those cheap clothes we buy affect not only the way we look, but also our society, environment and the lives of others. 90 more words


Why vintage?


Today, I would like to clarify how the difference between purchasing a kimono at a thrift store for 4$, and purchasing one at Zara for 120$, is quite colossal. 480 more words


H&M Plus in Vaughan!

I am so excited! I just read this post detailing the newest plus-size fashion available for the GTA, and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time now. 287 more words