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Roti Mediterranean Grill

I learned a very disappointing lesson this weekend. All good restaurants close early on Saturdays. I don’t know why this is. It seems counterintuitive to me, especially seeing hundreds of tourists wandering through the loop. 199 more words

Saliva Can Save Your Life! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Jasmine Sanders reports on new technology that can predict the likelihood of your developing different types of diseases…just by using a sample of your saliva! 131 more words


McDonald's Liable for Employees' Treatment, Labor Board Rules

In a key decision that could pave the way to unionization for thousands of fast food workers, the National Labor Relations Board ruled Tuesday that McDonald’s is… 386 more words

My McDonald's vision

You have gotten to know Fourchette&Knife in the past years as a platform for tasty recipes, delightful pictures and useful cuisine tips, yet I want to give you some food for thought today and share my McDonald’s vision with you. 643 more words


NLRB Rules That McDonald's And Franchisees Are Joint Employers

In a decision that could impact not just the fast food business, but all chain retailers that use the franchisee model, the National Labor Relations Board Office of the General Counsel announced today that McDonald’s can possibly be held responsible for franchisees’ bad labor practices.

@PandaExpress #Gluttony

I went for the 3 entrée item plus veggies egg rolls.

Then, this is all I ate.


Talk of the Town...

So you know that little country town everyone, including me, have always dreamed of? Where you live in a house in the middle of rolling hills of pastures and there’s a little girl and a lamb somewhere in that picture? 350 more words