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FTL: Faster Than Light - High praise, low maintenance


I’m going to use a word that I really hate using here, but this game is a real indie gem. FTL might not look like much, but the game is one of the best time killers around and deserves some praise. 688 more words


#Science And #Space: Could This Kind Of Laser Be Faster Than Light?

Image Credit: ESO/G. Hüdepohl(Thanks to Universe Today for the picture)

It’s a cornerstone of modern physics that nothing in the Universe is faster than the speed of light (c). 103 more words

Science And Space

Michigan Tech Prof Studying Faster-Than-Light 'Photonic Booms'

HOUGHTON — If you sweep a laser pointer across the moon fast enough, you can create spots that actually move faster than light. Anyone can do it. 518 more words


Happines = Doom

When playing FTL, the giddiness of building a truly bad-ass ship is matched tit for tat with the growing sense of impending doom that comes with the knowledge you’re about to get reamed.

FTL: Like If You Die Everytime Preview With Volatar

This is another snippet from the upcoming series FTL: Like If You Die Everytime (which is also the pilot series for the Roguelike If You Die Everytime metaseries). 1,046 more words