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The Hat Man, by Game Mechanics LLC and available on Steam Early Access now, is based from ‘Tales of walking shadows from across the world’ according to the game’s… 919 more words

Mundane Science Fiction and FTL travel

Mundane science fiction, the preferred genre on this site, builds stories upon the solid rock of known science rather than on made-up science. Consequently MSF features almost exclusively stories set in our own Solar System, since  with the current state of science interstellar travel will take centuries if not longer, because  445 more words

Mundane Science Fiction

A Reflection on Gaming: "Piloto's Story"

This week, I decided to add a post to reflect on one of my more recent and memorable moments in gaming that I wanted to share, focusing on the way procedural generation in gaming has allowed us to create our own stories. 1,114 more words

FTL Steam Chat Co-Op Preview

Being as I’ve been quiet lately, instead of acting like I’m Activision or something and cryptically telling you I’m “working on some stupid stuff”, Imma actually show you the stupid stuff. 751 more words


Top 10 Problems with Interstellar Travel

The stars above us are a beauty that men have fashioned whole mythologies around. They are truly a sight to behold, and now that we have extended our reach to the moon, the natural progression is that we might want to travel to the stars. 1,644 more words


Weekend adventures, with some R&R.

When I got back to my room Friday night I realised that in the bathroom that they had changed the taps from, taps to times press tops, which makes washing hands annoying. 323 more words