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  • Fasting is to abstain from eating, drinking or having sex during the daytime . It is essential not to commit any sin intentionally .
  • Fasting may be classified into two categories:
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St. Hilarion

Today is the feast of St, Hilarion, and early ascetic Christian in the desert. He is sort of fascinating. Read more about him here.

Inspired by Hilarion setting up hermit-shop “between the sea and a swamp” in Gaza, I started a drawing about him today. 40 more words


It’s been just over a week since Buddy transitioned, and I am still a bit lost.  It has been hard to focus on the day to day realities of life since he first let us know he was sick… 85 more words

El hambre agudiza el ingenio

Eat, fast and live longer

Nice Horizon documentary – makes for interesting listening.

Reminds me that the last doctor that I went to see recommended the 5/2 diet too. 42 more words

Food And Drink

How the "mighty" have fallen. AKA: Time for a fast.

“…well, since Idon’t really have a reason to fast, since it’s not for getting something I want,I guess I won’t do it…”

Boy, I am TERRIBLE at this whole “commitment to singlehood” stuff.   851 more words

Door way stories and the relativity of time

“So these Kings and Queens entered the thicket, and before they had gone a score of paces they all remembered that the thing they had seen was called a lamp-post, and before they had gone twenty more the noticed that they were not making their way through branches but through coats.

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Story Telling

"Encourage Me Moment" The Fast

Join me for an “Encourage Me Moment” weekdays at 10:50am.

Encouragement for fasting…..
Matthew 17:21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. 51 more words

Encourage Me