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Your Big Fat Guide to Fat

Fat is confusing stuff. We hate it on our body, yet love it in our mouth. In general we don’t think it’s healthy, but now we’re not so sure? 1,590 more words


The F word

Standing in the stall, waiting for the race to begin is agonising. Thin lean limbs abound, the air carries a hint of anticipation, and somehow a look here and there seems a nanosecond longer than normal, weighted, perhaps, by the cramped, crunchy soil we’re bouncing on to stay warm and the route we’ll all, no doubt, trample even in the next hour or so. 1,034 more words

Being Human

Why Is It Never Enough?

Yesterday I actually felt semi-okay with my body.

I felt like I had a fairly successful weekend without purging but then I made the mistake of stepping on the scale last night. 187 more words


I hate to be That person, but...

Being 4’11 and currently 90 pounds, I have never received so much body shaming and hate as I did when I was at Mary Baldwin College, an all-female school I attended freshman year. 371 more words


I Feel Fat

Yesterday I went to bed feeling fat and this morning when I woke up, the feeling had unfortunately still not passed. “Feeling fat” is something people with eating disorders often talk about, as do normal people without eating disorders I guess. 168 more words



When you said I am fat, were you serious? Or were you just fooling around? Because it sounds serious and I’m deeply affected by it. At first, you commented about my mannerism during lunch time, then the portion of my food, then you told me how embarrassed you are to sit with me during mealtimes and today, you finally said that three letter words, F-A-T. 44 more words


I'm a "Small Fat" and Why that Matters

I’m fat.  I’ve been fat all my life.  I say this not as a degrading remark, but as a descriptive statement.  Being fat is a trait no different than having brown eyes or being tall.   1,776 more words