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Day 23 feeling mehhh

I didn’t want to post the last couple of days , weigh in yesterday was depressing. I didn’t lose any weight and sadly I actually gained a pound. 91 more words

Tipping point

I know I am at yet another tipping point. Or maybe I never really reached a first one. Whatever.

Last night I decided that today would be a good day. 302 more words


Day 18

My body feels like it was hit by a truck. My legs are jello and if someone makes me life I have to hold my stomach because it hurts so bad. 66 more words

Day 16

Today feels good and I’m back on track. weigh-in was yesterday and much to my surprise , it wasn’t too bad. My week was rough and my diet was anything but on point. 175 more words

Day 14 but really day one again !

Iv taken a dive off the deep end and it didn’t take much. The weathers been crappy and iv had little motivation to get my lazy ass to the gym. 40 more words

Day 12

Wellllll it’s happened, I indulged in food and need to get my stuff together …again! I won’t go into details mainly cuz I’m ashamed, I have weigh in on Sunday and I’m not exactly looking forward to it. 46 more words

Day 10

I was hoping to report another successful day but the truth is I messed up . I started my morning out just like any other morning, work was busy like usual but during my first break I drank lots of water and felt energized. 278 more words