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A little about me (and you)

Hello, my name is Lacey and I am fat. Or at least I think I’m fat. That’s what I’ve always thought, even when I was in my healthy weight range (which I am struggling to get back to). 333 more words

Body Confidence

Grouper: different types but all tasty flesh

The grouper is a group of marine fish belonging to the family Serranidae which may have significant size, characterized by an oval body, slightly compressed laterally, with a big mouth with teeth long and sharp. 212 more words


The Unorthodox Paradox

Hey people.. time for a little difference..

Ive got a poem for all you folks.. Not my best ability.. but hey at least I have the guts to put it out.. 255 more words


I Have Done The Unthinkable!

I bought a scale.

I haven’t owned a scale in nearly ten years. ¬†Part of me didn’t want my self worth to be tied to the numbers I saw every time I stepped on and part of me just couldn’t bear to see the numbers period. ¬† 124 more words


Good news

It’s been a week of ups and down my diet was a joke and I was a wreck from all the health issues especially waiting for my biopsy results to come back. 218 more words

Day 76 positive thoughts and prayers

Not sure where to start …. Friday was a haze. I had my Specialist appointment and let’s just say it didn’t go exactly how I had expected. 491 more words

Light On The Horizon...

Well.. hello again..


I just had to put this one out.. really awesome track.. Chester sounds really good in this one.. 120 more words