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Day 47 one day healthier

I know most people suggest not weighing in daily because it can become an obsession, a disappointment or a poor reflection of ones actual progress, but for me It works. 215 more words

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

What are some of your food pantry staples?  What are your go-to items that you always have in your kitchen? Most of you would say olive oil, maybe canola or vegetable oils (which are trans fat), PAM cooking spray?   634 more words


Day 46 rock bottom

I started this journey 46 days ago in hopes of keeping myself accountable with losing weight. For the last four years I struggled with emotional and physical issues with my body. 723 more words

The Road To Farewell..Part 1: Kickstart

Hey again people…lets just do this right now…no messing about…

This is just the first of a series of posts that I like to call: The Road To Farewell. 346 more words


Day 42 bring it on !

What a wonderful weekend I was blessed with. It may seem simple and plain but to me it was perfect. Friday I got my hair redone, Saturday was a busy day filled with shopping and hanging out with good company followed by today which was relaxing and sunny. 329 more words

Fat Sex on T.V.

I finally started season 4 of Homeland on ShowTime. I was pretty excited to finally get to start this season since I’ve been holding off for a while. 376 more words

Beauty Standards


Hey, time to post again I guess….

Examinations still on…I still don’t give a shite…and I’ve got something to prove it…

I’ve always been a big fan of Linkin Park…I know that a lot of metalheads hate this band a lot…but for me its been a very different experience..and I want to share it with you guys.. 411 more words