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Private secret exercise journal for the chronically un-inclined: Day TWO

Day two of my new path to healthiness via exercise, and consequently, a life that is fulfilling and utterly meaningful and has a point in the universe.   536 more words

Literary Salon

Greedy Giri - Part II

The three friends had a competition. Who could do the most skips without stopping? Arun could do 40 and Debolina skipped 35 times before the rope got stuck under her foot. 604 more words


Private secret exercise journal for the chronically un-inclined: Day ONE

I decided today to start keeping an exercising journal so I can look like I did when I was 22 and get hit on by guys with hair gel who work in offices.   229 more words

Literary Salon

Update plus A Tale of a Fat Fourth Grade Nothing

It’s been a day or two since I wrote. I am trying very hard to write every day but I have been working a bit and feeling under the weather. 724 more words


Real birthday

Birthday was ok. I got my nose pierced which I have wanted for years but people who mattered to me hated the idea. My father still does and learned via FB but I was pretty sure I knew his schedule and it would be ok. 178 more words


Both your hands in the holes of my sweater...

Oh, so you thought that this post would be about sweaters? The delightful autumnal clothing item? No! This is about being a sweater aka sweating a lot. 164 more words


Everybody on Imgur thinks I'm Taylor Swift

Today I found out one of my family members has cancer, and then I got stuck in traffic for an hour while I really needed to pee. 1,200 more words