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Fat Girlfriend

A couple of hours ago Neha asked me the most difficult question: “Have I grown fat?” First I thought it was a rhetorical question because she has a huge mirror that reflects whatever it sees, but it turned out that she really wanted me to answer. 437 more words


Saturated in Science

As covered previously, reports of risks associated with saturated fat has been greatly exaggerated. In this post, I’m going to delve into some of the science behind saturated fat in a way that (I hope) is both understandable and entertaining. 1,275 more words

Eat Real Food

A Fat Load of History

The history of the nutrition of fat is a lot like a bad movie. It’s full of plot holes, one-dimensional characters and awful one-liners. The end result leaves a sour taste in your mouth and a hole in your pocket. 605 more words


Eye of the beholder or fetish?

Does he like me for me or does he like me because I am fat? 406 more words

Body Image

“Am I Fat”?

Am I fat?
I ask that question to myself everyday and no one has the right to tell me that I am fat. I was born as a very skinny child and doctors were afraid I might die, but my mom took great care of me and I survived and now I am a healthy person or you can call a “FAT” one. 305 more words

Body Image

Your Big Fat Guide to Fat

Fat is confusing stuff. We hate it on our body, yet love it in our mouth. In general we don’t think it’s healthy, but now we’re not so sure? 1,593 more words


The F word

Standing in the stall, waiting for the race to begin is agonising. Thin lean limbs abound, the air carries a hint of anticipation, and somehow a look here and there seems a nanosecond longer than normal, weighted, perhaps, by the cramped, crunchy soil we’re bouncing on to stay warm and the route we’ll all, no doubt, trample even in the next hour or so. 1,034 more words

Trail Running