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Too Swole

I hit the gym today with tired shoulders, arms and hands. The backs of my shoulder sockets are sore to the touch, even. I guess I don’t have to worry about it until next summer, but swimming sure does a number on my upper body. 170 more words

Louis C.K. and Meghan Trainor Just Aren't Getting it Right!

A while back there was that Louis episode with the fat girl who goes on a diatribe about life as a fat girl. Did you see it? 888 more words

I pretty much maintained my weight for 6 weeks. That'll do

I still have 3 odd stone to lose, at least in my head that’s my lose, distant, where I want to be, type goal.  It’s certainly been a slow progress, and I’m not going to win any prizes for extreme weight loss (thank goodness!).   828 more words

Body Acceptance

Fat Feminism: Can It Be Healthy? Where Does It Leave Health?

“This idea that it’s part of the sisterhood to accept someone that’s a size 22 or in contrast a size 6 is total bullshit,” was a statement made by… 1,074 more words

A break from knees and foray into HAES

I’ve been researching the Health At Every Size movement because, well, I’m damn healthier than a lot of the skinny people I know even if I don’t look like it. 67 more words


The First Person Who Called Me Fat

I’ve thought about writing this post for a while, but I’ve been hesitant because I know my mother reads my blog and I would never want to hurt her.  767 more words

General Musings

Don't Read His Post If You Hate Fatphobia, Says Wil Wheaton

I’m used to it every day I stand up for myself and people like me: body positive people are blind. They’re ignoring the health risks. Fat is ugly. 938 more words

Cultural Appropriations