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Setting effective goals

Hamster wheel today (or elliptical, as normal people call it) to warm up all my sore parts. I spent 45 minutes on it with a stupid fashion magazine and a stupid real estate show on HGTV with my brain 100% in neutral. 369 more words

The iPhone That Was Self Aware. (Short Story)

“Selfie time.” Janis said holding up her new Iphone 8 to snap a picture of herself.

“Look at the amazing picture quality it has, its better than real life.” Sarah said admiring herself in the photo. 1,716 more words


The joke that is thin privilege.

Something I have recently been reading about is a concept called “thin privilege.” If you don’t know what privilege is because you were too busy going out and leading a real life instead of sitting around on your computer all day, it’s basically the idea that some people are born with a better shot at a good life than others. 718 more words


The tip of the fatberg

Two blogs I follow with great pleasure are written by female doctors. Both have recently posted about obesity and various points of view about “what to do about it.” Neither are exhaustive posts but both present information worth considering and discussing. 1,037 more words


What intersectionality is, and why it matters

A word you hear a lot around academia and any sort of activist types – and now more increasingly in mainstream dialogues – is intersectionality.  I’ve mentioned it in the past when discussing fat acceptance, and now we’re seeing it playing out all over news and social media. 1,182 more words


Gros et alors ? (extrait de ma grande taille.com)

15 octobre 2014


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Larry Evans, originaire du Missouri, puise sa motivation pour perdre du poids d’une manière peu commune… grâce à Facebook ! 468 more words

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