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Fat acceptance

What the fucking fuck.

Hello America, its your favorite allegedly black man and chances you are in love with me don’t worry we can date. … 753 more words


Why the fuss about Myla Dalbesio is misguided

If you’re on Twitter, you’ll have no doubt heard about Calvin Klein labelling a beautiful and slender young woman as “plus-size” and “on the bigger side” last week. 812 more words


Here's the Skinny

Let’s talk about being thin. A lot of the times when we talk about “body-positivity”, we’re also talking about “fat acceptance.” What this conversation really comes down to is the Accepting bodies no matter what they look like, fat or skinny. 670 more words

Body Image

Transformative Selfies

Last night, I took a loooot of selfies. I got home, undressed, freed myself of my bra and my jeans and threw on a tank top. 1,055 more words

"All I want for Christmas is fat-shaming"---said no one ever.

Ragen has a new post up on combating holiday weight shame.   This is really timely for me, because I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with family members, a couple of whom have been all about the “fat=lazy/stupid” memes on Facebook lately.  685 more words

Happy 1st Anniversary

I know it is three days early, but I’m too excited to wait. Happy Anniversary to me. It has been one full year (shy three days) since I completely changed my life and began my pursuit of health and happiness. 605 more words

General Musings

Face in the mirror

I used to look at my face in reflections, photos and think “fatty mcfatterson” and I was unhappy about that. Now through feminism I know that it’s wrong to associate “fat” with “ugly” or “bad”, and before I started running seriously in September I was at peace with my weight. 31 more words