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Being a "Bad Fatty"

Recently I watched the first three episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. For those not familiar with the reality show on TLC, it follows 30-year-old Whitney Way Thore who first gained popularity (no pun intended) about a year ago after posting a series of videos of herself joyfully dancing. 629 more words

Would You Give Your Neighbors Permission to Peek In?

Ah, Whitney, you crack me up. Sometimes, you make me cringe with all that TMI. Your mom is really weird, but your dad – not so much. 484 more words


Friggin' built unicorns

I’m acutely aware of the fact that I haven’t been running much lately. I like running, I miss running, but lifting heavy and distance running don’t go together very well. 310 more words

Clothes swap #4 and outfit #7

So on Saturday I hosted the 4th fat positive clothes swap in Islington, London, and it was really rad! Here’s what I wore:

The dress was a bargain from Collectif with a 50% off discount code over Christmas (it’s now permanently on sale at that price and in a bunch of colours! 268 more words


How not to raise women's self esteem

Someone who knows me in real life sent me the link to an article from MSN discussing a study done about women’s body image.  The conclusion, which should surprise exactly no one, is that women’s body image tends to be tied to what they perceive men find attractive. 735 more words


Fat-Shaming, Fat Acceptance, And Other Problems In America's Fast Food Culture

I remember attempting to watch Super Size Me when it came on television. I say attempting because I couldn’t actually get through the documentary. I remember finding the entire thing utterly disgusting. 1,699 more words

Lifting and body positivity... again

Before I went to the spa on Saturday I had an idea of writing a blog post about body image (again – I’m sure I’ve written about that a few times!) because I was fretting a bit about getting into my bikini. 864 more words