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Fat, but not people.

You eat a cookie, and that makes you FAT.

You’re full after a meal, and you’re such a FATty.

You feel FAT, meaning you feel gross. 943 more words

Fat Lesbians: So What If It Is True?

So apparently there was a study which found that among the lesbians sampled 75% were overweight or obese.

I first heard of this when I saw… 666 more words

Fat Acceptance

On Disordered Eating, Fat Acceptance

Dad said, “You are losing weight. You look gaunt. You look terrible. If all you are going to do is sit around and starve yourself, I don’t want you living in my house.” 539 more words

Illusions Of The Body

I saw this photography project awhile back Illusions of the Body (NSFW), which is really cool. It shows side by side two pictures of the same person (nude), one with the person posed in a flattering manner and the other posed in an unflattering manner. 535 more words

Fat Acceptance

Surprise, surprise for "fat-acceptance" drum-beaters: Marilyn Monroe was "teeny-tiny"

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Size 2

Men of all cultures prefer women who have low waist-to-hip ratios. The hourglass figure, again indicating youth, good health and optimal reproductive capacity, is deemed universally lovely.

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Would You Talk To A Friend That Way?

If you follow my blog, you know that I have an adult daughter with autism. For us, this means that we live our lives very explicitly and literally. 844 more words

General Musings

Apples and Oranges, People

Today I heard something disturbing while listening to talk radio on the way in to work. A man called up and said (I’m paraphrasing, obviously) “I’m a smoker and I get really annoyed when obese people tell me it’s unhealthy. 562 more words