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Does Fat-Shaming Really Work?

By: Kenlie Tiggeman, PlusInc Board Member & Blogger

Earlier this week, I read an article in which new research suggested that fat shaming doesn’t work. … 635 more words

Body Positive

One Day At A Time (A Long Overdue Update)

This is hard.

For the past six months or so I’ve been doing my best. Shortly after I decided I was going to love myself and be happy I slipped right back into self-loathing and depression. 464 more words

Some ramblings on "works", and other things

You may have figured out by now that lots of things in the fitness/healthy living “world” irritate the crap out of me. One of those things is blanket statements about food, eating, what “works” and what doesn’t. 919 more words


Stop Calling Yourself Fat

So my mother sees me in my new jeans (finally got some clothes that fit) and says, “You have to stop calling yourself fat.”

I’m not going to do that for three reasons: 674 more words

General Musings

New Bumps, New Beginnings

The last 2 weeks have not been as fruitful as I’d hoped. Last week I gained .4 pounds when I went to do my Monday night weigh in, and this week I gained 1.8 pounds. 505 more words

Fat Acceptance

New Clothes Drama

Note: This post sounds way more whiny than I intend it to be. But I had these same feeling a when I lost weight the last time. 670 more words

General Musings