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Feeling Like a Fraud

So I feel a bit like a fraud sometimes, when I’m on here, blogging about fat acceptance and positive body image- but it’s not like I have all of that figure out and am always loving my body! 423 more words

Fat Acceptance

Day 3 - 30 days to love my body

Today’s plan was to love the bodies of others.  Pretty easy…even though we are staying at a hotel full of cheerleaders!  Yes really.  Cheer camp.  I can’t laugh at them, since I went to Band camp.   284 more words


Be Naked!

Ok, so this post is going to talk frankly about nudity and sex so if that makes you uncomfortable, stop reading. *cough*family I shared this blog with *cough* So you’ve been warned. 911 more words

Fat Acceptance

Thin Privilege, Fat Acceptance, and the Radical Idea of not Being An Asshole

Thin privilege is the idea that just because people are skinny, that they somehow get special entitlements allotted to them. This isn’t entirely wrong, but only if you claim that everyone who is of “healthy” weight and under are all “thin.” Yes, you get more complements for being thin. 313 more words

Seems Like Fat Girls Are Making the Wrong Argument

Having good self-esteem is great. I’m all for that. Go right ahead and love yourself. 

The trouble with this image, and a lot of other “positive” messages out there, is that it doesn’t really contradict the idea that a woman’s value is defined by her physical appearance.  194 more words


Breaking Down 'Fat Logic'

Last Monday: 386lbs

This Monday: 383lbs


I’ve been recently trying to understand myself so that I don’t make the same mistakes ever again. Since I began this journey, I’ve lost over 80lbs. 643 more words

Gastric Sleeve

Unsolicited Weight Loss Advice

I have stated previously here that I am not interested in advice on how to lose weight, or comments on how I should lose weight. It’s my body, what I should do regarding it is for me to say. 3,664 more words

Fat Acceptance