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This week in fat news...

This author was fat shamed during a breast cancer scare – luckily she was fine and the doctors who treated her condition after this weren’t total doucherockets.   109 more words

Fat Shaming

Well yesterday turned into a bit of a crap mental health day. I should know better by now to worry about my weight on social media, as it brings out a lot of well-meaning people who I react snippily to, which in turn makes me feel guilty, which in turn makes me feel more & more conflicted about being fat & fit etc etc. 383 more words

Fat Acceptance

Fat People Can Have Disabilities, And Those Disabilities Are Not Necessarily Because They Are Fat

hmm… is that a long title? I guess. Whatever.

So this post is initially inspired by my own experiences today. I woke up in a lot of pain, and walking today was very difficult and very painful. 803 more words

Fat Acceptance

How to Date a Fat Admirer

Yesterday, my wife linked the post “How to Date a Fat Girl” by blogger Adipose Activist. In her manifesto, Adipose lists her eight ironclad rules that she believes men must abide when dating – or trying to date – fat women. 976 more words

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The list all of us Big Girls have always wanted and NEEDED. My husband, an unabashed FA from way back, put a list of rules on how to successfully date FAs. Insecurities from years of ridicule caused many of us Big Girls to make the same mistakes with men over and over. Take this advice and go out and find love!

Tossing Sensible Shoes And Throwing Ice Water Over Fitness, Fat Acceptance and Universal Human Rights (Dolphins Included)

New York, NY

Sometimes the urge to write a descriptive headline gets the better of me.

A Productive Conversation

I foresee a moment: we’re sitting in a room together, and there’s one person in the group who pipes up with a spirited argument. 717 more words

Fat Activism Conference!

So there’s a Fat Activism Conference happening this weekend!  It’s totally online, and it’s totally affordable!  And included in the conference fee is access to recordings of all the sessions, in case you need to miss a few or can’t log in over the weekend. 103 more words