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50 Pound Milestone

It is a weight watcher trick, to lift something that weighs the same number of pounds as you lost. 50 lbs is like a ten-year old kid, right? 456 more words

General Musings

Fat-Positive Filmmaker Being Bullied

Ragen Chastain posted this morning about Lindsey Averill. Lindsey is making a really cool fat acceptance documentary called Fattitude. She still needs about 20,000 to make her goal, and has a little over a month to do it. 159 more words

driving in circles: how the weight loss industry fucks with your head

My grandmother passed away (as mentioned on this blog in my tribute). I did not want to go to her funeral because I knew I’d have to see the sheeples called “family members”. 384 more words

Sister Outsider Of The Rainbow

What Fat Acceptance is NOT

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what Fat Acceptance is about.  I’ve encountered this both in my personal life, and through reading the various FA and anti-FA blogs that are strewn about the internet.   1,198 more words


Thoughts on denial

I’m a fan of Roxane Gay.  I’ve been reading her stuff on Salon for a while, and she recently wrote an article that I’ve seen on several different sites recently.   128 more words


On Being Fat

It’s funny how contrasting the views are on obesity. On one end of the spectrum, there is a call to arms when it comes to the health crisis we face in America. 906 more words


fitspo boobs

I have talked at length before about the minefield that is being a chubby chick who lifts and doesn’t want to lose fat/get lean. Back when I used to read a lot of lifting/fitness blogs, a trope that came up time & time again was that women might not want to lift/get lean, because leanness means smaller boobs. 1,199 more words