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Do I Make You Uncomfortable? Good!

On Sunday night, my friend Kerri and I went out for the evening to have dinner and see Bill Bailey live in his new show, Limboland.  1,221 more words

Obesity stigmatisation and coping

This is an incredibly interesting and in depth report on the effects stigmatisation can have on obese people’s mental health.

It deals with a wide range of issues, from social stigma to causation to consequences. 22 more words


Real funny, internet.

I just felt a pain I hadn’t felt since LiveJournal. I spent two hours… yes TWO HOURS carefully honing a post to perfection, and lost it in the preview phase.  270 more words


Sorry, not a "battle-hardened fatty": Why I'm done with the FA community

Question: What’s one of the most common intersections of Black femininity and fatness? Answer: Everybody’s always telling fat Black women to “grow a tough skin”. 435 more words

Sister Outsider Of The Rainbow

People are assholes

Ooh, I am having a fucking day after a fucking weekend. All I want to do is cry or go to sleep. Since I just woke up from a 2 hour escape nap and I feel dehydrated, I guess I will try writing. 858 more words


Guest Post: Julia Ozog on Thin Privilege and Fat Activism

As a woman, I face an exorbitant amount of stress concerning the way I look – particularly how much I weigh. I’ve been trained from an early age to feel like most of my value comes from being thin and pretty, and even though I’ve spent much time intentionally unlearning those kinds of thoughts, I still feel haunted by the feeling that I’m not good enough if I’m not skinny enough. 989 more words

Social Justice

Fat Feminist Fun

I just have to share this with you all.

Today I found this image of a black rain frog aka Brevicus fuscus on Twitter (posted by @Strange_Animals): 243 more words

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