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"Set Point Weight" Theory Never Made Me Happy

Standing next to that particularly dapper fellow- is me. Well, it was me, about 50 lbs ago. Like many Americans, my weight  problems started early and only got worse in a culture that never taught me anything about health. 666 more words


The Realities of Fat Activism

It’s time I spoke up about a little something that’s going on in the fatosphere at the moment.  I don’t have a very big platform in the scheme of things, I do have a loyal group that stick around and are very supportive, and I’m forever thankful and honoured by that.  1,691 more words

Harassment and the Consequences of Visibility

“…The most dangerous time for a woman with online visibility is the point at which others are seen to be listening, “following”, “liking”, “favoriting”, retreating. In other words, the point at which her readers have (in the troll’s mind) “drunk the Koolaid”.

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Thoughts on the state of the fat community

(Note: in this piece, I refer to the movement in question mainly as fat acceptance, or FA, since that’s how I first came to know it.
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Fat Acceptance

Comic Review: Bitch Planet #1 Part II

As I mentioned in the previous post, here there be spoilers. Find Part I here.

Pages 2-3

The spread on pages 2-3 depicts the transition from the “free world” to incarceration via the voice recording by our nameless page 1 woman. 980 more words


The joke that is thin privilege.

Something I have recently been reading about is a concept called “thin privilege.” If you don’t know what privilege is because you were too busy going out and leading a real life instead of sitting around on your computer all day, it’s basically the idea that some people are born with a better shot at a good life than others. 718 more words



A study from August 2013 was recently published in the Journal of Health Economics.



The study looked at the impact of “weight report cards” sent to parents in Mexico. 387 more words

Size Acceptance