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Fat Activism Conference!

So there’s a Fat Activism Conference happening this weekend!  It’s totally online, and it’s totally affordable!  And included in the conference fee is access to recordings of all the sessions, in case you need to miss a few or can’t log in over the weekend. 103 more words


Social Justice, Mythic Foundations and Miss Piggy

This is going to sound odd, but I think I owe really big thank you to Muppets Covergirl, Miss Piggy. Let me explain myself. 654 more words


Fat Activist Conference (An Intersectional Experience)

So I’m gearing up to present at a Fat Intersectionality Conference and I’m really looking forward to this transformative experience. But I’m also terrified, because it’s my first teleconference presentation (shhh don’t tell anyone but I’m still working on my presentation and it’s just about a week away)! 325 more words

Fat Activism

Becoming Fat

I remember the day that I became fat.
Before that day, I wasn’t. I wasn’t skinny, either. These ideas, of fat and skinny, they weren’t natural concepts. 1,760 more words

Essential Words

In April, I gave a presentation on this blog at the PCA/ACA annual conference in the Fat Studies area. It was, to put it mildly, not well received. 677 more words

I love “cis” and “neurotypical” and "non-binary."

Because they reject the default setting.

“Cis” is the opposite of “trans,” as in cisgender, meaning (more or less) “identifying as the gender that correlate[s] with the body parts you were born with.” 495 more words

Civil Rights