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Essential Words

In April, I gave a presentation on this blog at the PCA/ACA annual conference in the Fat Studies area. It was, to put it mildly, not well received. 677 more words

I love “cis” and “neurotypical” and "non-binary."

Because they reject the default setting.

“Cis” is the opposite of “trans,” as in cisgender, meaning (more or less) “identifying as the gender that correlate[s] with the body parts you were born with.” 495 more words

Civil Rights

No Fat Chicks

Hey lovelies.  I’ve been quiet for a bit haven’t I?  Well something has brought me out of the woodwork today and steaming from the ears.  The lovely Em aka Boombands from… 1,537 more words

Self Esteem

Comparison is killing us. 4 ways to release the habit.


We all compare and if we say we don’t, we are in denial.  We compare our belongings, we compare our jobs, we compare popularity, money, and we compare our bodies. 1,250 more words

Body Image

Queering Fat Embodiment

As part of the launch of the new anthology “Queering Fat Embodiment” edited by Cat Pausé, Jackie Wykes and Samantha Murray, a social media book tour is travelling around the fatosphere and other key online spaces.  430 more words


Counting calories in the office

You know what I fucking hate? Moral judgements around food.

The office I work in has recently relocated, which means I have been forced out of my antisocial hidey hole into an open plan nightmare. 608 more words


Vom Femcamp zum Fettcamp - Zur fat activism-Session

Yay Femcamp! Will ich dort Sessions halten? Zu welchem Thema? Soll ich lieber ein Thema nehmen, bei dem ich mich toll auskenne oder eines, bei dem ich persönlich betroffen bin und über das ich mit anderen reden möchte? 654 more words