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Keeping It Fresh

Hands up all those that  find themselves doing the same routine in the gym day in day out, week in week out? Whether it’s the same spin classes every week,treadmill sessions or even swimming, we sometimes find ourselves getting into a rut when it comes to exercise. 280 more words

Lift Heavy

RAW TREATS - chocolate and orange truffles

Sweet tooth mania, these raw truffles are insane!
My first attempt at making these delicious balls of goodness went so well! I made 30 overall, and… 311 more words

Cheat Meal

Women, what is the deal? Why ARE you afraid of the weights room?

As you know, whilst I have been going to the gym for almost 20 years ,it’s only recently that I started lifting properly. I really started to look at lifting heavy weights using compound movements as opposed to the very light weight and 30 rep routines I used to do. 478 more words

Lift Heavy

TD 07092014


30mins treadmill power walk

10km outdoor cycling

Over one hour trees climb!! <3 Exhausting!


Miss Fit Squashes Some Cardio Myths

Cardio is an essential part of our workout regimen, for most of us anyway….in case you didn’t know. And everyone’s got an opinion about how much cardio you need, when you should do your cardio, what to eat before you do cardio, and even what to wear during cardio. 481 more words

Why women should 'lift heavy'....

When people think about getting fit or getting in shape, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I’m willing to bet my house ( well my very small flat at least ) on the idea that it’s ‘cardio’. 730 more words

Lift Heavy

TD 01092014

Morning – BB

3×12 incline bench press

3×12 bench press

3×12 incline dumbbells press

3×12 dips

3×12 standing flies

3×12 chest press


30mins cross trainer… 12 more words