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Trending: MCT Oil

Last week, we talked about the Coconut Water trend and how it is a better alternative to sugary sports drinks or sodas. Chances are, you’ve also heard of Coconut Oil and its benefits for your teeth, hair, and skin.  352 more words

Be Healthy

CLA - The Fat Burner you've probably had without realising

So the summer is nearing and you want to know how to maximise your efforts, whether that’s to lose body fat or maintain a lean physique. 569 more words


Construct a Fat-burning Diet in 4 Quick Steps

Did you want to create a quick-and-easy diet in 4 steps? Here’s how.

Successful fat burning is about eating a daily deficit of calories. However, the goal is create a sufficient calorie deficit to reduce body fat but not severe enough that it causes a loss of lean body mass (after all we really just want to burn body fat, not muscle). 222 more words

Week 3 Recap Healthy Eating Program Weight Loss

Since I have been on the program for a few weeks and the food doesn’t change, I thought it might be better to post weekly recaps. 198 more words

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Burn Fat All Day, Every Day! An Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet

A lot of hype has been building around this High Fat – Low Carb Diet recently and for good reason. Simply, Ketosis is the metabolic state during which the body utilizes fats for fuel. 877 more words


Fat Burning Workouts

I just wanted to share some high intensity workouts that I have come across and will most likely incorporate into my training. They can be a quick, stand alone workout or a part of a longer workout regiment (which I will be doing). 334 more words

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Be Phenomenal

To paraphrase from the video above, “greatness is not one big thing, it is lots of little things.” That is astoundingly true. It is the little things that add up to make the big things. 220 more words