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118: 25 Days of Pure Barre®

Tomorrow morning will be the beginning of 25 consecutive days of Pure Barre® on my fitness calendar.  Yea, I know, I will be waddling like a duck for a couple of days, but let me tell you how… 156 more words


Day 6 of 90 (Personal Transformation)

Today’s been a good day not only have I trained hard and discovered a new exercise (I saw someone else doing it yesterday – taking the 25kg powerbag unto their shoulders and then unto the treadmill on a 15% incline. 378 more words

Coffee is good for you now

I am always suspicious when new research comes out to push a product that was not considered good for people. Coffee is a natural product and I believe it has its benefits but must be taken in moderation, one or two cups per day is plenty. 35 more words

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The 4-1-1 on Fast Metabolism Diet

With so many new diets claiming to be the most effective, it can sometimes be a difficult task
to choose the one that is right for you. 675 more words


Eat a bowl of muesli two hours before training to increase fat burning! research done by the international journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism

Fat Burning

Combat ropes

I have just sat down after my cardio session this morning drenched in sweat. To many people believe that the only way to burn fat is to use the machines such as the treadmill, which gives a calorie burnt reading. 154 more words


Burning fat and looking good - Myths busted by Carlos!!! A.K.A Apurva Malewar

Eating Right!!!  quite a predicament when it comes to staying fit.

I always go by one rule, you being fit starts in the kitchen, and I quote “eat right, workout and sleep tight”. 1,573 more words

Fat Burning