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Coping with Feline Diabetes

My lovely cat grew up into a big, beautiful, incredibly fat cat, whom I loved with all my heart.  We had adopted his mom, who wanted absolutely nothing to do with him and all he wanted from her was a little bit of love… I knew that he was eating his emotions.   377 more words


An old cat's Meownopause

So this is the story of the old cat continued. I needed to study and although I desperately wanted to take my dear Flash with me, I couldn’t find a flat that would allow me to take my beloved kitty, and after the drama of having him fixed up after his accident, I couldn’t face losing him to an irresponsible driver. 186 more words


Review: Fat Cat

This is the first book that I’ve read for this year and I’ve read in a long while. And I must say thanks to my friend, Kriselle, for recommending me the book because it gripped me the way I expected it would. 1,181 more words

Unrequited Love

From Atkins to Catkins

Susannah has a busy job. She is rarely home before 7 and she works so hard that sometimes we barely exchange a single text. When it comes to Lord Percy’s diet however, different rules apply. 235 more words

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Susannah doesn’t drink Champagne. But if she did, the corks would have been popping tonight. Lord Percy finally accepted that the rules of the feeding game have changed. 199 more words

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The worst day of the week

Poor Lord Percy. Not only was today officially the most depressing day of the year but he was on his own for hours. As a home worker, I am normally on hand throughout the day to provide Lord Percy with food and treats. 380 more words

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