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The Big House That Once Was

It was a big plot at a posh area of town; it was an empty plot in the mid-seventies. The house was built on one third of the plot, a big two storied house, no particular architectural pattern was followed but it was a comfortable house in which to live. 279 more words

Misinformation queens

COLLECTIVISTS ARE experts at propaganda and misinformation. So here are some facts for you.

Let’s look at the term Fat Cat, which is loved by collectivists. 550 more words


Friday fat kats

Humans are always concerned about their weight…

But most of us kats don’t concern ourselves with these things (too much). Here’s some of my furiends and how they handle “weighty issues!” 15 more words


Just A Painting Of Macho Man Randy Savage And A Man's Dead Dog Looking Down On Him From Heaven

I couldn’t fit “… while he swings in a garden and clutches an obese cat” into the headline, but that’s also important.

The late, great Macho Man Randy Savage is the subject of a lot of bizarre modern art. 177 more words


Workshop 2 - Angry Birds: Reiteration

The workshop last week was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I formed a group with three other third year students which I was really happy about, we’re all on the same page and seem to bring different skills to the table. 536 more words

. . . Britain's got 'talent' . . .

I would like to say right from the outset of this post, that I have no knowledge of how the worlds financial systems work.

I guess my level of knowledge – monetary speaking – is the same as most other people out there. 1,195 more words


Local Government fat cats

Once upon a time having a job in the public sector meant that you weren’t paid brilliantly but you had job security and a good pension. 271 more words