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Ready, Set, Fooooood.

Here’s how Thanksgiving goes down:

We all gather at my mom’s house, and eat way too much of the best meal anyone has ever had, ever in the history of ever. 556 more words

Roh Roh Rastro....

ASTRO: 2 years old, neutered male, domestic shorthair, 11 lbs.

Astro can thank his lucky stars, because after a car hit him, he made it out of the vet hospital in Springfield and found a temporary home with us. 81 more words

Fat Cats


Zeus woke Eddie up meowing loudly. He opened his eyes to find the grey staring at him and standing on his chest, their noses almost touching. 697 more words

Creative Writing

Sign of the times

Ever wanted to smash through a Perspex security screen and throttle some irritating employee of one of our many useless organisations… but were held back at the last moment by that sign: 201 more words

Tubster Tuesday

Once again, in memory of my pal Tubster, I PURRsent Tubster Tuesday.

These kats PURRsonify my furiend Tubster- they share a lot of his PURRsonality traits. 10 more words


We're Back!

Hi Guys

Hopefully we haven’t lost too many followers over the past few months.  Life has been a bit rough for Dr. Lori and unfortunately since I don’t have opposable thumbs I can’t open the lap top without her.  510 more words