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Fat day anyone?

Do you ever have a fat day? Or better yet, a fat week?  I’m totally dealing with that right now, actually, let me rephrase that…I’m struggling with that right now.  265 more words


Twelve Days...

Until today, I’d made it twelve days without binging, purging, using laxatives, or any of that. This is HUGE for me; it’s the longest I’ve gone without any of that in… 375 more words


One of them days

Today is one of them days; those days where no matter what you do, you just feel horrid, fat and ugly

I rarely get them days and I’m blaming the latest worry on it because like I said it is a… 43 more words

This is me....

So this is pretty much how I felt this morning trying to put on a dress that is less than 4 months old. The stupid invisible zip and I weren’t agreeing and I conceded that maybe I’ve put on more than a little weight since Christmas…I wanted to cancel my crossfit session tonight as I wanted to spend this time curled up with Coco-Pop the dog watching movies and ironing. 18 more words


Fat Day

It’s always a fat day when you’re trying to squeeze into freshly washed jeans. (maybe that’s why I hate doing laundry…) But it makes it extra fat when you’re doing your jeans dance (that funny hopping, gyrating, convulsing thing you do while trying to get jeans to fit over your large and in charge hips and booty) and your hubby is pulling on his jeans and looking at the new 2 inches of space between the band and his flat stomach. 544 more words