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Resurfacing. Alive. Dancing.

“All the faces and lives now lost to time but remaining as a reminder, not just that we may one day die, but that we may live now, live fully, and love freely.” 627 more words


The Hunger Games... Undertall Style

This is an accomplished burglar feigning remorse.

… On an obviously full stomach. We put up barricades. Close doors. Place all potential food sources up high… Short of armed watchtowers and concertina wire we have done our level best to deny Seven uncontrolled access to food. 183 more words

Think Thrice: Frisbee Days (part 1)

I waited patiently. My eyes never left the edge of the table. It’ll come soon, I thought. Until then, I would wait. And wait.

The aroma of the steak dripping in barbeque sauce was overwhelming. 472 more words

Sunset Media Wave