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Fat People's Obsession With Marilyn Monroe

Can we please stop the Marilyn Monroe nonsense once and for all? You know what I’m talking about: the content fatties spew in regards to convoluting Marilyn Monroe’s figure, how much she weighed and her body type. 158 more words

Fat Shaming

A Beautiful Fat to Fit Transformation

I’m so proud of this man and woman! What a beautiful transformation!

Fat Shaming

It's NOT OK to be Fat

It is NOT ok to be fat.
It is NOT ok to inflict diabetes on yourself.
It is NOT ok to induce heart failure.

It’s selfish. 235 more words

Fat Shaming

Rude and Hateful Fat People, How I Loathe You

No love can be lost with you, but much loathsome feelings can be acquired.

This kind of garbage is what turned me into a fat person hater (that phrase is putting it lightly, with yours truly being diplomatic). 44 more words

Fat Shaming

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fat People


.Fat people are had to kidnap

.When fat people get knocked up,you never know

.You’ll never share a sit

.You don’t have to take dance lessons,just shake your booty alittle and its a Jamaican dance floor… 71 more words


Didja read the story?  The London Telegraph reported that THE WORLD’S FATTEST man died at age 44.  And he was NOT AN AMERICAN!!!!   He was a LONDONER!!!!  107 more words