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Well, there I was in the ‘super duper‘ jacuzzi with the bubbly water after doing 700 metres in the ‘super duper‘ Olympic sized pool this afternoon and a young couple got in.  425 more words

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Good evening everyone! I hope you had a great first day of the weekend – I did ^^ and this weekend is actually a long weekend because Monday is a holiday here, woehoeeeeee =D Yeah, it’s not going to be a lazy day though, I need to work on my paper, but I wanted to write a blog before I start studying ^^ (Yes I study =P) I’m gonna write a blog about my dorm and university soon (someone requested it – my first request <3 ), I’m still taking pictures and stuff, but I think this blog will be more impressive than my university ^^ 435 more words


The Three Tub System

When you’re trying to lose weight – especially if you have more than 100 lbs to lose, it helps to come up with a system. This is the “3 tub system” I’ve been using for the past 8 months. 394 more words

Weight Loss

Solutions to social misconduct aimed at fat girls or ... larger females geez

I really dont have anything against fat people. They are mammals too and we should co exist I mean “come on” it is also none of my buisness if someone’s lunch menu consists of a quarterpounder , chicken mcheese, chicken mcnuggets supersized mcfries, mccoke and err mcice cream as well for “dessert” hinting sophistication.(note all that is in one sitting). 346 more words

Fat Attetnion Seekers

Get Fat Nation

Let’s be honest. The ratio of fat to fit is not 50:50. Some may think they are doing things for the benefit of weightloss; however, they are experiencing fat gain. 75 more words

Positive self image.

The other night I wound up at a sport’s bar watching a sport’s event. It was crowded and getting around required slowly churning through clumps of people. 245 more words

Opposite Day