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On The Turntable: 'Designer Records Presents Together'

What happens when “record producers/con men” place ads promising to make you a star for $450 in the 60s and 70s? Well, many in the Baptist churches took the hook and used the vanity label, Designer, looking to their prosperous futures from theses vultures, and while some artists went on to sell all 500-1,000 copies they pressed, a majority ended up with a stack of 45’s. 26 more words

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Water Liars-Let It Breathe

Take a deep breath and inhale this lovely tune of tenderness.

“Let It Breathe” is a song with a simple strumming guitar and lyrics woven of freshly spun gold. 249 more words


Sometimes you go to a live show knowing what to expect, and while it’s not very exciting, it is a comfortable feeling to know what awaits you. 692 more words