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I'm SO SICK of fat-shaming within the environmental movement.

I know I’ve written about this a bunch of times before, and I don’t really have any new scintillating analysis. I’m just pissed off.

In the past week, I’ve seen the following headlines from the two major environmental blogs I read: … 394 more words

Fat Acceptance

This week in fat news...

This author was fat shamed during a breast cancer scare – luckily she was fine and the doctors who treated her condition after this weren’t total doucherockets.   109 more words

Fat Shaming

Tossing Sensible Shoes And Throwing Ice Water Over Fitness, Fat Acceptance and Universal Human Rights (Dolphins Included)

New York, NY

Sometimes the urge to write a descriptive headline gets the better of me.

A Productive Conversation

I foresee a moment: we’re sitting in a room together, and there’s one person in the group who pipes up with a spirited argument. 717 more words

No Resolution

Last week was the one year anniversary of my relocation to Chicago. I spent time reflecting on that experience a little bit, but mostly, like much of my life this year, it went by in a busy, foggy, unceremonious blur. 860 more words

Don't Assume

So in my last post, I gave away the fact that I’m passionate. Italian and passionate. The two go together like hand in glove. So when someone starts telling a friend of mine that the key to her happiness is more exercise and a better diet, because so much of rural living is unhealthy, my feathers get ruffled a bit. 425 more words

You didn’t invite your fat buddy to your cheesesteak party? Green Light Fat Rampage.

Lehigh Valley Live

A teenager upset that his friends didn’t invite him over to eat cheesesteaks in Hellertown allegedly dragged one of his buddies down a flight of stairs and kicked the victim in the face, according to court records. 203 more words

Dan Tobin

Fat America: Profiting off the Majority-Minority

A fundamental pillar of body diversity activism is the concept that fat people are a persecuted minority in this country. Statistically, people classified as “overweight” actually make up over two-thirds of the population… 594 more words

Fat Shaming