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The History of "being skinny"

A cool, simple breakdown on the history of “skinny”.


Who Am I?

I think about the question, “Who Am I?” a lot more than I should. I am pondering gender identity things, as I find that for me, my gender expression vs. 1,149 more words


Body Shaming and how I finally reached my breaking point

Back in October, I wrote a post about the stigma associated with being fat and my mission to try caring less about what other people think and more about what * 1,027 more words

Fat Shaming

Now, I don’t like to bring negativity to my blog. I’m always trying to stay positive and keep fighting the fight to take back the word FAT; but I need to address something today. 812 more words

Fat Girl

You’re Fat; it’s Such a Shame

Those that know me know that I spend a considerable amount of time on social media reading updates from friends and associates. Recently there has been an overwhelming of posts from various people participating in the country’s latest past time, fat shaming. 545 more words

Too much Caesar dressing on my salad 100 000 570 calories

Oops, too much pour, 1 billion calories of dressing, the rest chicken and little gem lettuce.

I’m still gonna scoff it

Getting Organised

5 Things Worse Than Fat

The other day my five year old told me she never wants to have children. 

I understand. I’m still not certain I want to have them either.  796 more words