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I’m bored with the daily log (it will continue) so I decided to write about other things health related to entertain myself and make this blog a little more interesting. 233 more words

Fat Sick Nearly Dead

Day 45

I’ve discovered the secret to successful diet and wellness.

It’s not juicing. Though I’ve done that now for 45 days.

It’s not calorie counting. Though I work for a physician who swears by it. 502 more words

Weight Loss

Day 27

All of the sudden, people seem very interested in my business.

Even strangers.

Not that I’m excessively fascinating. Although I do have some wild Tarzan and Jane-esque hair, I wear a lot of boho jewelry, and these days I am generally carting around some sort of bright green substance in a glass Mason jar. 377 more words

Weight Loss

My five day juice detox

This is my account of my first ever juice fast. All five days of it. An experiment in wellness and one of my six goals for 2014. 2,175 more words

Self Improvement

Day 19

Sweet baby Jesus! She’s blogging again!

I know, I know….excitement, applause, pants-wetting….

You’re welcome.

I said 3 months ago that 2014 was going to be the year that I changed it all. 433 more words

Weight Loss

Carrot Apple Lemon Juice

This recipe makes 2 servings.


  • 4 apples
  • 4 carrots
  • 2 lemons, peeled

Rinse all ingredients and cut to size for your
juicer. Add ingredients to juicer. 22 more words

Pinned & Tried

Reboot: Day 4

The headache finally went away around 7 last night.

This morning’s Island Green Smoothie was good. I had the┬áCelery Pear Cucumber Green Juice for my morning snack and the Carrot Apple Lemon for my afternoon snack. 338 more words

Pinned & Tried