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Mardi Gras Mobile, Al

How Mobile’s Modern Mardi Gras Got Its Start

Historians and others can argue about which group of early explorers first hoisted a drink on Shrove Tuesday, yelled “Happy Mardi Gras!” then fell down and whether they were closer to the present locations of Mobile, Alabama, or New Orleans, Louisiana, when they did it. 2,009 more words


Parallels Between Fat Tuesday And Black Friday

I was just noticing that one could find certain parallels between black Friday and Fat Tuesday. I’m of course referring to the black Friday that comes after Thanksgiving and kicks off the biggest shopping day of the year, though the name relationship to Good Friday (also Black Friday) of Easter fame should not be ignored. 152 more words

A Fun Fat Tuesday? Fat Chance!

Part 4 in the “Stories of the ER” Series.

Being an ER nurse in a Level 1 Trauma leaves little time to have a private or social life. 3,825 more words