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The secret divide in society

My posts have been quite erratic in the past and I suppose that’s because it’s only recently that I’ve begun to come to terms with being a bit more open with my admiration for the larger lady. 284 more words


People say that you should live now, don't wait until you lose weight.....well here are some places where fat women have to lose weight first to live.


Maybe there is a fat woman in the back washing grease from plates and hands pruning up due to all the water (side note if you been a dish washer for years your nails turn naturally gothic black and no its not cute). 961 more words

Does it Work On You?

There are multiple tricks people employ to distract others from their shortcomings and defects.

Nearly everyone is wise to these tricks of course, but do they nonetheless work? 212 more words

Fat admiration in bloom

I really love fat women or BBW’s for those who don’t quite like the F word. I always have. If you were to ask me why, I wouldn’t be able to explain it. 92 more words


F - abulous; A - bundant; T- remendous

Don’t waste my life

talking to me of calories, kilojoules,

2lbs lost here, 5lbs gained here.

Because my life – and yours – is too precious… 319 more words

Lonely Is The Night: Part 2

It’s 3:23 AM and I’m writing another post! Weird!

I was watching Friends and it’s the one with the cat. In this episode, Monica happens to meet the prom king from her high school at the bank and he asks her out. 349 more words


Dito Tembe, geboren in Maputo, Mosambiks lebendiger, von Kunst erf├╝llter Hauptstadt, ist Maler, seine Motive sind dicke Frauen und seine Werke farbenfroh, eine sorglos wirkende Mischung aus Impressionismus und Expressionismus. 661 more words